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[News] Phillip Morris and Gangsters Use AstroTurf to Shoot Down Healthcare Sanity

  • Subject: [News] Phillip Morris and Gangsters Use AstroTurf to Shoot Down Healthcare Sanity
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 10:34:44 +0100
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Report: âDeath panelsâ author worked with big tobacco to scuttle health reform

,----[ Quote ]
| In an article in the magazineâs October 1 issue, not 
| yet available online, writer Tim Dickinson reveals that 
| Phillip Morris âworked off-the-record with â writer 
| Betsy McCaughey as part of the input to the three-part 
| expose in The New Republic on what the Clinton plan 
| means,â Rolling Stone reports.
| McCaughey, a conservative columnist and former deputy 
| governor of New York, penned a 1994 article in The New 
| Republic that was credited with helping to kill the 
| Clinton-era health reforms. As RS noted, the magazine 
| later retracted the story. And The Atlantic magazine 
| ran a story in 1995, entitled âA Triumph of 
| Misinformation,â debunking McCaugheyâs arguments at 
| TNR.



The Cashroots Conspiracy Behind FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity

,----[ Quote ]
| FreedomWorks receives funding from the tobacco conglomerate
| Philip Morris, as well as from Richard Scaife, another
| business tycoon, who for years helped fund dirt-digging
| investigations into Bill Clinton. Local branches of
| Americans for Prosperity have also received tobacco money;
| the group has opposed smoke-free workplace laws and
| cigarette taxes. ... ExxonMobil was a sponsor of Citizens
| for Sound Economy, and both FreedomWorks and Americans for
| Prosperity have campaigned vigorously against Obama's plans
| to reduce CO2 emissions through a cap and trade scheme,
| working closely with the American Petroleum Institute.


Republicans steal Barack Obama's internet campaigning tricks

,----[ Quote ]
| Matt Kibbe, who heads FreedomWorks, a national conservative
| group that led the push behind last Saturday's rally, goes
| further. He says that the movement has stolen from Obama the
| techniques he used to such effect last year and is now
| redeploying them as a stick with which to beat the
| president.
| When Obama beat Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries,
| FreedomWorks studied how he did it and then copied him. They
| set up a ning site, a Facebook-like platform that allows
| members to talk to each other without having to go through
| the parent body. The result was explosive.
| FreedomWorks now has more than 800,000 members who largely
| organise and fund themselves; all the group itself does is
| arrange permits for demonstrations and advise on logistics.


Direct Action Confronts the Climate Crisis

,----[ Quote ]
| The global political process to counter runaway climate
| change has become, for practical purposes, irrelevant. None
| of the currently proposed emissions reductions being
| seriously considered in policy making are appropriate to
| meet the severity of the situation. This overwhelming
| failure on the part of world governments is pushing the
| rapid unification of environmentalists, activists,
| scientists, and others to push for direct, immediate change.
| [...]
| Many other websites, such as Coal Swarm, post constant
| updates on direct actions and resources for radical change.
| Twitter and similar online social networks are being
| utilized to outpace the communications and organization
| capabilities of the state and police. Independent media
| coverage of these events will be almost instantly shared
| throughout the internet, inciting resistance and solidarity
| across the world.

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