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[News] ODF Olympiad 2009 Commences

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[fosscomm] Submissions to ODF Olympiad 2009 open today 20th September 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| As you are all well aware , Open Document Format is an 
| important  standard for ensuring computer literacy and is 
| fundamental to enabling  computer education globally.  ODF 
| Olympiad  was started  on the advice  of the then President 
| of India, Shri Abdul Kalam, with the view to bring  
| awareness regarding the open source amongst the schools.
| We have been receiving overwhelming response from schools 
| across the globe including countries like India, Malaysia, 
| Indonesia, Nepal . We strongly believe that this contest 
| will help the government and the  schools in faster 
| adoption of ODF .  (The new FOSS based Informatics  
| Practices curriculum, introduced by CBSE this year is one 
| of the  examples of the step towards this initiative. )


IBM Gives MS Office the Boot, Moves to OpenDocument Format

,----[ Quote ]
| Though Lotus Symphony is free to use (after providing a 
| name and emailâfake credentials work fine), it is based on 
| the OpenOffice.org 1.x source code, which was licensed more 
| liberally than the current version and as a result, IBM is 
| under no legal obligation to provide source code for any 
| modifications. (Effective with OOo 3.0, source code is 
| licensed under LGPL, requiring any additions to the source 
| also be published.)



DK: Municipality uses OpenOffice and saves a million DKK per year

,----[ Quote ]
| The Danish municipality of Gribskov has saved two million DKK, about 270,000
| euro, over the past two years by switching the public administration and
| schools to OpenOffice, Michel van den Linden, responsible for IT in the
| municipality says in an interview with the Danish IT news site Computerworld.


DK: Telecom Agency offers open source desktop to staff

,----[ Quote ]
| The Danish National IT and Telecom Agency (ITST), part of the ministry of
| Science, Technology and Innovation, has started offering its staff the choice
| between a GNU/Linux based desktop or a proprietary desktop, announced
| Christian Lanng, head of the agency's IT and Infrastructure division, at its
| conference on open source and public administrations, held in Copenhagen on
| 19 March.


Sanders expert report is ready

,----[ Quote ]
| Helge Sander, Danish Minister of Science and Technology
| earlier this year asked an expert committee to look into
| the technical and legal implications of the introduction of
| two standards for documents in the government. The report
| is now ready.
| [...]
| In addition, the ISO approval of OOXML is concidered as the
| final conclusion that the OOXML is an open and appropriate
| standard. This despite the fact that even Dansih Standards
| recognizes that the approval process was perhaps not
| completely clean and OOXML might not be quite as qualified
| as it seems.
| The experts completely ignores the world around us. I
| believe that we in Denmark can't take such decisions
| without first looking around us. The countries which we
| usually compare ourselves with, may have been through
| similar problems. But the report is also completely
| ignoring this.

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