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[News] Another Victory to GPL Licensing

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OpendTect is Now Completely Free

,----[ Quote ]
| Henceforth OpendTect is released under a triple 
| licensing strategy: 1) under the GNU / GPL license, 2) 
| under a commercial license and, 3) under an academic 
| license. Under the GNU / GPL license, OpendTect is 
| completely free-of-charge, including for commercial 
| use. The commercial license enables the user to extend 
| the system with (closed source) commercial plugins that 
| can either be purchased or leased. Under the academic 
| license agreement universities can get free licenses 
| for OpendTect and commercial plugins for R&D and 
| educational purposes.


GPL wins in French court case

,----[ Quote ]
| An appeals court in Paris has upheld the ruling from a 
| lower court, which found that the French firm Edu4 had 
| violated the GNU General Public License (GPL). The 
| plaintiff was the French Organisation Association 
| franÃaise pour la Formation Professionnelle des Adultes 
| (AFPA), an umbrella organization for adult education.


Paris Court of Appeals condemns Edu4 for violating the GNU General Public License


An eye on network security

,----[ Quote ]
| Cyberoam iView is available to download from 
| SourceForge and is released under the GNU General 
| Public License (GPL). Support for additional devices, 
| applications and systems is expected to be added in the 
| next few months.



Big Win for GNU GPL in France

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the fallback positions for purveyors of FUD is that
| the GNU GPL may not be valid, because it hasn't been
| properly tested in court. That's getting increasingly
| implausible as a stance. After being upheld in Germany a
| few times, here's a big decision in its favour in France:
|  In a landmark ruling that will set legal precedent, the
|  Paris Court of Appeals decided last week that the company
|  Edu4 violated the terms of the GNU General Public License
|  (GPL) when it distributed binary copies of the remote
|  desktop access software VNC but denied users access to its
|  corresponding source code. The suit was filed by
|  Association pour la formation professionnelle des adultes
|  (AFPA), a French education organization.
|  ...
|  The events of the case go back to early 2000, when Edu4
|  was hired to provide new computer equipment in AFPA's
|  classrooms. Shortly thereafter, AFPA discovered that VNC
|  was distributed with this equipment. Despite repeated
|  requests, with mediation from the Free Software Foundation
|  France, Edu4 refused to provide AFPA with the source code
|  to this version of VNC. Furthermore, FSF France later
|  discovered that Edu4 had removed copyright and license
|  notices in the software. All of these activities violate
|  the terms of the GNU GPL. AFPA filed suit in 2002 to
|  protect its rights and obtain the source code.


The GPL Wins Again - Welte vs. Skype Technologies SA (Germany)

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, today was the hearing, and Welte reports that one of the judges told
| Skype's lawyer that if a copyright owner wants a publisher to publish his
| book in a green envelope, it might seem odd to the publisher, but he can't
| publish without the green envelope. In short, don't touch the GPL code if you
| don't follow the requirements of the license.
| Like it or lump it. I think that's how one would translate into English the
| judge's mindset.

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