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[News] Minimalism in GNOME Desktop in Action

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Going minimal on my Ubuntu desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| In GNOME, the panel takes up enough screen real estate 
| on a netbook to be annoying. A few paragraphs back, I 
| mentioned that I took stock of the few icons I had on 
| the panel and came up with two that I really needed. 
| Theyâre both panel applets, and I donât know of any 
| other way of launching them. So I deleted all of the 
| icons I didnât need and moved the sshMenu and Trash 
| applet icons to the top panel.


Ubuntu Software Store Generates Questions

,----[ Quote ]
| Given the likelihood that the Software Store will 
| eventually become a channel for selling applications in 
| addition to distributing Free ones, and that that 
| development is in the interests of everyone, I donât see 
| a reason to worry so much about the implications of the 
| term âstore.â  Although the application wonât serve as a 
| store in Ubuntu 9.10, it may well become one in future 
| releases.  And thatâs fine.



4 Truly Minimal Linux Desktop Distributions

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâve been researching concepts of minimalism as it applies to computing and
| personal productivity, and Iâm convinced that in many cases, a minimal setup
| can really help you get more done. Trimming the unnecessary applications and
| eye-candy from your computing setup can help your focus and find the most
| efficient workflow. I offer four truly minimal Linux distributions hereâand
| to me minimal doesnât necessarily imply small, and small does not mean
| minimal. Take PuppyLinux, for instance. Small, yes. Minimal? Hardly. Donât
| get me wrong, this isnât a bad thing (Iâm a Puppy fan); itâs just not really
| minimal. So, not all of these distros are super tiny, but they do all embrace
| minimalistic principles: simple but pleasing design,  just the applications
| you need, and an emphasis on performance.

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