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[News] Joomla! CMS Introduced

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Joomla! Overview 

,----[ Quote ]
| To get the perfect Web site with all the functionality that 
| you require for your particular application may take 
| additional time and effort, but with the Joomla! Community 
| support that is available and the many Third Party Developers 
| actively creating and releasing new Extensions for the 1.5 
| platform on an almost daily basis, there is likely to be 
| something out there to meet your needs. Or you could develop 
| your own Extensions and make these available to the rest of 
| the community.



Joomla! calls for awards backing

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source custom webhosting platform Joomla! is calling on its users to put
| it forward for entry into an upcoming awards scheme.
| [...]
| "There are over 3,000 extensions to Joomla 1.5 in the Joomla Extensions
| Directory," the developers explained.


Fourth Annual Open Source CMS Award Launched

,----[ Quote ]
| The 2009 Open Source CMS Award was launched today, inviting people to visit
| www.PacktPub.com and submit nominations for their favorite Open Source
| Content Management Systems. Now in its fourth year, the Award has helped to
| support a variety of Content Management Systems gain recognition in a crowded
| and high quality marketplace.


Yet another reason to love Open Source Content Management

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source ECM technologies like Alfresco, Drupal, Liferay, Lucene, and many
| others, are now at or beyond their closed source equivalents. If you are a
| developer whoâs sick of the shackles closed source CMS places on you, why not
| suggest exploring open source alternatives?

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