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[News] New Scientist: Software is Maths; Richard Stallman to Speak About Software Patents

  • Subject: [News] New Scientist: Software is Maths; Richard Stallman to Speak About Software Patents
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 21:57:34 +0100
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Universal kernel code to keep computers safe 

,----[ Quote ]
| To prove mathematically that the 7500 lines of its kernel's 
| code were secure, Gerwin Klein of NICTA and his team first 
| had to come up with a mathematical method to express the 
| code. "In the end, programs are just mathematics, and you 
| can reason about them mathematically," says Klein.


Richard Stallman on Software Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| In this insightful discussion, international Free Software 
| advocate Richard Stallman (RMS) will argue that software 
| patents seriously and significantly obstruct software 
| development.
| Software patents are patents that cover software ideas. 
| Stallman will argue that they restrict the development of 
| software to the point that the risk of legal action as a 
| result of design decisions is dramatically raised. Stallman 
| will also make the point that patents in other fields 
| restrict factories, but in IT, software patents restrict 
| every computer user and consumer.


Troll Tracker Defamation Trial Ends in Truce


President Obama's Strategy for American Innovation

,----[ Quote ]
| President Obama's speech today focused on its newly formed 
| "strategy for American innovation" -- his "strategy to 
| foster new jobs, new businesses, and new industries by 
| laying the groundwork and the ground rules to best tap our 
| innovative potential. . . . 
| [...]
| Protect intellectual property rights. Intellectual property 
| is to the digital age what physical goods were to the 
| industrial age. We must ensure that intellectual property 
| is protected in foreign markets and promote greater 
| cooperation on international standards that allow our 
| technologies to compete everywhere. The Administration is 
| committed to ensuring that the United States Patent and 
| Trademark Office has the resources, authority, and 
| flexibility to administer the patent system effectively and 
| issue high-quality patents on innovative intellectual 
| property, while rejecting claims that do not merit patent 
| protection.



Freedom Is For People

,----[ Quote ]
| All of these metaphors or frameworks turn the conversation from individual
| freedom to supra-human systems. This inevitably privileges those systems over
| the individual and when decisions must be made to protect the system
| individual freedom will suffer as a result.
| This can be seen happening in real-world projects. Too many people are
| confusing the idea of gifts as random acts of kindness, or of the "needs" of
| corporations, with the subject of freedom. That subject must always be human
| individuals.
| The products of freedom can be regarded as forming commons, and gift
| economies, and reputation economies. But privileging these secondary
| phenomena over the thing that creates them will stifle freedom.
| The subject of freedom must be actual people, not abstract economic models
| that can lead to the freedom of actual people being compromised.

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