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[News] Slax and eyeOS in Review

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,----[ Quote ]
| I particularly like how Slax resolved the whole 
| package management conundrum. For example, you can 
| âtemporarilyâ install software with one click of a 
| button. You just go here find your module and click 
| âActivateâ. This will download an install the package, 
| but only for the duration of the current session. Once 
| you reboot the package will be gone. Of course you can 
| download the package and permanently install it as 
| well â itâs just that the temporary option is kinda 
| neat.


eyeOS: Your Own Private Linux Cloud that You Control (part 2)

,----[ Quote ]
| Don't get too used to eyeOS. Version 2.0 will have a 
| much different look and enhanced features. The release 
| is already set for January 1st, 2010. As their blog 
| says, it will feature a new desktop, applications, 
| filesystem; pretty much everything.



A look at Slax 6.1.1 "Core" (by Jesse Smith)

,----[ Quote ]
| My very first Linux distribution was called Pygmy Linux, a mini-distro based
| off Slackware. It had no graphical desktop, no compiler, no office suite, no
| package management and it didn't recognize my modem. Obviously it didn't
| qualify as a replacement for my main desktop system at the time. Nor was it
| supposed to. But it did do what I wanted it to and that was to teach me the
| UNIX command line and the structure of a UNIX file system. It did those
| things very well and I learned a lot. It has been ten years since I plunged
| into the Linux depths. To celebrate ten years with Linux, I decided to give a
| mini-distro based on Slackware a test drive. Pygmy is long gone, but others
| live on. This week I installed Slax on my system and put it through its
| paces.


Torvalds rejects one-size-fits-all Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Linus Torvalds has rejected the argument that Linux developers should pool
| their resources behind a single distribution.

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