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Re: [News] A (unimpressive) Review of the HP Mini 110 Mi (GNU/Linux),

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____/ bbgruff on Tuesday 29 Sep 2009 12:43 : \____

> JEDIDIAH wrote:
>> On 2009-09-28, Ezekiel <not-zeke@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:2216939.OArtZ34EBd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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>>>> First look at HP Mini 110 Mi edition
>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>> | Those who don't mind the oversimplified and somewhat
>>>> | older Ubuntu as the pre-installed operating system on
>>>> | the netbook will be able to perform all the common
>>>> | computing tasks, but for those who'd prefer something
>>>> | newer and more cutting-edge, the latest Karmic alpha
>>>> | offers decent hardware support for the netbook. With
>>>> | the hardware specifications much superior to the Eee
>>>> | PC 900, I find HP Mini a much better value for money.
>>>> | The final rating? Eight stars out of ten.
>>>> `----
>>>> http://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20090928#feature
>>> While interesting and innovative, the HP Mi default desktop left me
>>> somewhat unimpressed.
>>> Clicking on the oversized icons will start the desired application, but
>>> they only contain a subset of what is available on the system. For
>>> example, there is no icon for the GNOME Terminal, so if you'd like to do
>>> some command-line work the only way to bring up the terminal is to press
>>> ALT+F2 and type "gnome-terminal". Similarly, the software installer only
>>> contains a very small list of applications available for installation,
>>> but running "aptitude" on the command line provides a way to install a
>>> lot more.
>>> As hinted above, HP provides very little for customising the default
>>> desktop - no extra themes, no colour options and no element positioning
>>> choices.
>>> The Broadcom wireless network card is problematic since there is no
>>> working open-source driver, so distributions that don't ship any modules
>>> that would taint the kernel with proprietary code (e.g. Fedora) will not
>>> work correctly out of the box. It would be much nicer if HP chose
>>> hardware with available open-source drivers for their Linux.
>>     In short, this device is not sufficiently "politically pure" and is
>> a bit "dumbed down". Although this "dumbing down" can be easily worked
>> around.
>>     So what's the problem again?
>>     If you are really hell bent on using a terminal, you can just switch
>> to another virtual console assuming they haven't neutered that feature.
>> You didn't include that part (assuming it was in the original).
> Quite the opposite of a problem, imo.
> As I see it, every model of every computer that is shipped (and supported)
> with a version of Linux gives the best possible guarantee that it will run
> Linux, that drivers are available, etc.  From a personal perspective,
> that's all I need.

Better yet, the drivers are sent upstream to Linux, so all distributions are
guaranteed to support it. There is only one Linux, still.

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