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[News] Street-View Camera Runs Linux

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West Point Grad Builds $300 Home-Brew Street-View Camera

,----[ Quote ]
| Using eight cheap webcams, a GPS receiver and open-source 
| software, West Point graduate Roy D. Ragsdale built a rig that 
| can do what Googleâs Street-View cars do: take images of the 
| world around it and stitch them together into panoramas. The 
| difference? This version can be carried on your head and cost 
| just $300 to make. The hacked-together software suite can even 
| throw out files that can be viewed in Google Earth. Ragsdale:
|    Construction was straightforward. On a flat octagonal heavy-
|    cardboard base, I glued small posts for the camerasâ clips to 
|    latch onto. I aligned each unit and then placed the USB hubs 
|    and the GPS receiver in the middle. I secured the cables with 
|    Velcro and sandwiched everything with another piece of 
|    cardboard. The whole thingâs the size of a small pizza box, 
|    weighing less than 1 kilogram. Excluding the notebook (a 2-
|    gigahertz machine with 512 megabytes of RAM running Ubuntu 
|    Linux), the hardware cost about $300.



Open source camera could pave the way for open source hardware

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently a Techrepublic reader sent me a link to this story from Science Daily
| about a professor (Mark Levoy) of computer science at Stanford who is developing
| an open source camera. The article tells the story of a fledgling program,
| Computational Photography, which researches photography to help improve cameras.
| Mr. Levoy developed the camera so that other computational photographers could
| help improve the software.


Frankencamera is open source, runs on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Photo scientists at Stanford University have conceived what is probably the
| world's first open-source camera. Their contraption, dubbed the
| Frankencamera, consists of a Nokia N95 mobile phone camera module, circuit
| board, a couple of lenses from Canon and Linux for all the open-source
| goodness.

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