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[News] Apple Clients and Violence

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Irate iPhone owner allegedly shows gun to Apple Store worker

,----[ Quote ]
| Itâs also alleged that Goodrich then opened his shirt to 
| reveal a 9mm handgun, adding: âIâll do it right now. 
| Look!â


Microsoft employees and executives actually shoot to death... animals (Kempin).


Apple sued again over backdating scandal

,----[ Quote ]
| The reason behind the class-action suit is a drop in stock value a while back
| when Apple admitted it was looking into allegations of backdated grants.
| Backdating stock or options, whereby the company gives an employee stock
| options dated before the actual date the option was issued, is not actually
| illegal if done, um, legally - one of those tricky, sneaky lawyering
| loopholes we understand. What is illegal, is not properly declaring them, and
| Apple was obviously so busy working on its Iphone that it must have
| forgotten.


Options troubles aren't over for Apple

,----[ Quote ]
| But one of the accused -- former Chief Financial Officer Fred Anderson --
| pointed a finger at his former boss, Steve Jobs, raising new accusations
| that experts say could land Jobs in some legal hot water if true.
| [...]
| Gene Munster, a financial analyst at Piper Jaffray, said Anderson's
| accusations will fuel investors' worries over Jobs and his critical role in
| Apple's continued success.
| "It gives the appearance that, 'I had a partner in crime and it was Steve
| Jobs,'" Munster said.

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