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[News] AMD's Latest Freedom/Openness Gesture

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AMD Announces Open Physics Initiative

,----[ Quote ]
| A press release from AMD today announces the development of an 
| Open Physics Initiative, together with Pixelux Entertainment. 
| Pixelux is the developer of the Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) 
| physics system used first in LucasArts' Star Wars: The Force 
| Unleashed. 
| [...]
| Note that this doesn't mean that Pixelux's software will be 
| free or open-source as Bullet is, but that it will allow 
| licenses to use a the free and open-source Bullet library for a 
| base level of physics and then to license and layer Pixelux's 
| DMM engine on top of that - and all of it accelerated on any 
| GPU with an OpenCL driver.


AMD touts Open Physics Initiative

,----[ Quote ]
| Under the agreement, Pixelux will integrate its Digital 
| Molecular Matter technology with open source physics engine 
| Bullet. 


Open Source: Green Vehicle

,----[ Quote ]
| These days Open Source objects of art and operating systems are 
| able to compete with mainstream commercial versions. But most 
| Open Source projects are in the state of pure art, defying 
| established notions of conducting business, developing 
| technology and pushing boundaries of creative possibilities.



MD R600/700 2D Performance: Open vs. Closed Drivers

,----[ Quote ]
| From the three different test profiles we used and the two
| graphics cards that were tested, nearly every time the open-
| source driver stack wound up being faster than the Catalyst 9.10
| driver. Past tests of other graphics cards and drivers have shown
| the 2D performance to be better on the open-source side, albeit
| these 2D tests are not very real-world representative (nor do
| they reflect the CPU usage) and on the 3D side the proprietary
| Catalyst driver is significantly faster and more feature-rich
| than the current open-source code.

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