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[News] The EULA Bubble Blown Apart

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Court Once Again Confirms Right Of First Sale For Software: You Own It, Not License It

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| Excellent news. In the ongoing case involving Autodesk and a 
| guy, Timothy Vernor, who was trying to sell legally acquired 
| used versions of AutoCAD on eBay, the district court judge has 
| ruled that Autodesk has no right to restrict the sales of its 
| used software. This wasn't a huge surprise, as the court 
| indicated as much last year, when it refused to grant 
| Autodesk's motion to dismiss the case. But this is an important 
| ruling for a variety of reasons.


EA Asks Gov't To Dump Ridiculous Langdell 'Edge' Trademarks

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| Earlier this year, we wrote about Tim Langdell and his claim of 
| owning a trademark on the word "edge" when used in any kind of 
| video game. Of course, Langdell last came out with a game 
| himself in 1994, which makes the whole trademark claim pretty 
| iffy. You need to be using your mark in commerce for it to be 
| valid. Instead, Langdell just seems to be trying to stop anyone 
| else from using the word "edge."


Electronic Arts Sues to Cancel Langdell's Trademarks



The Difference Between EULAs and Open Source Licenses

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| As a result, GPL court cases have all (as far as I know)
| been ruled in favour of the GPL, whereas EULA court cases
| have sometimes been ruled in favour and sometimes against
| EULAs. GPL: clear-cut. Abide, or lose in court. EULA:
| muddy. You never really know where you'll land.

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