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Re: Dutch police goes open source

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____/ bbgruff on Wednesday 07 Oct 2009 20:54 : \____

> About 5 years ago, I was predicting that when the "OSS Revolution" occurred
> in Europe, the path would be:-
> Germany => France => Netherlands => U.K.
> I don't think think I was too far wrong:-
> ==============================================
> "The Dutch police are going for an open source solution. Today, Red Hat, the
> leader in open source solutions, announced that the Dutch Police
> cooperation âvoorziening tot samenwerking Politie Nederlandâ (vtsPN) has
> selected Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5) and Red Hat Network (RHN)
> Satellite Server to manage the rollout of the Linux based systems, to make
> it easier, faster and more scalable"
> "The Dutch police has a force of sixty thousand people, divided into 25
> regional forces and National Police (KLPD). The Police Cooperation (vtsPN)
> was established in 2006 for these forces. They support the police and other
> partners in the Public Safety Sector. One of the important tasks of the
> vtsPN are the ICT facilities, including a standardized IT architecture"
> "The choice of the police for 500 RHEL5 subscriptions and 2 RHN Satellite
> Servers follows a change in policy. The Dutch Police will select only open
> source solutions. âOne trend we see in various government organizations is
> to reduce costs,â said Sandor Klein, general manager at Red Hat. This
> strategic policy change follows the political focus on open standards and
> open source software and the efforts of the NOiV"
> "âRed Hat Network Satellite Server is a simple management system platform
> for growing our Linux infrastructure. according to a police spokesperson."
> "The Dutch Police was criticized in earlier this year, because they asked
> for thirty thousand Windows-Based Terminals. Minister of Internal Affairs
> Guusje ter Horst promised that the police would do more for open source and
> open standards"
> http://www.dutchdailynews.com/dutch-police-goes-open-source/

The Swedish and French police did the same. :-)

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