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[News] Windows XP Mode Better and Cheaper in GNU/Linux Than in Vista 7

  • Subject: [News] Windows XP Mode Better and Cheaper in GNU/Linux Than in Vista 7
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2009 22:16:57 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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How To: Windows XP Mode In...Ubuntu Linux?

,----[ Quote ]
| That's right, Windows 7 Home Premium (and below) does not 
| have XPM. Most systems sold by retailers come with a version 
| of Windows completely lacking XPM. Wait, it gets better. 
| Thanks to Microsoft's ingenious Windows Anytime Upgrade, 
| consumers who bought a new PC with Windows 7 Home Premium can 
| upgrade to Professional for $90 or Ultimate for $140. If you 
| were sold Home Basic or Starter edition, you'll have to first 
| upgrade to Home Premium for $80. Like I said, 'ingenious.' 
| One way or another, you are probably going to have to pay 
| Microsoft some amount of money if you want XPM...



Windows 7: The Hype Is Coming

,----[ Quote ]
| Listen closely. Can you can hear it? It's the
| kapocketa-pocketa-pocketa of the Microsoft hype
| machine, as the Windows 7 launch bears down upon
| us.
| Though it's never worked quite as well as it did
| back in the halcyon days preceding Windows 95,
| Microsoft still drags the thing out of the basement
| every few years, fills the tank with diesel, cranks
| it up, and hopes it doesn't spew oil on the carpet
| or overwhelm us with fumes.
| [...]
| Meanwhile, the braniacs in the Microsoft marketing
| department have come up with a truly wacky idea.
| They're encouraging Microsoft fanboys and girls to
| throw Windows 7 launch parties on the big day --
| kind of like Tupperware parties, only with more
| burping and less sealing. There's even a Web site
| and a vague-yet-perky video describing what's
| supposed to happen at these fetes.
| [...]
| Of course, Microsoft is also sweetening the pot by
| offering a shot at a $750 Windows 7 PC to some
| lucky party thrower. Hey, it wouldn't be a
| Microsoft promotion if it didn't include a bribe.
| [...]
| Also from the Department of Deja Vu Department: It | appears Microsoft will indeed include a logo
| program for Windows 7, slapping stickers on
| machines that have been officially certified
| "Compatible With Windows 7."

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