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[News] Another Linux Conference Now in Video

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Watch the 2009 Linux Plumbers Conference

,----[ Quote ]
| Right after LinuxCon this year was the co-located 
| Linux Plumbers Conference. This is not an 
| official Linux Foundation event, per se, but we 
| work closely with the organizers to help them any 
| way we can. It's a great event for system and 
| kernel developers to attend, and this year was no 
| exception.


The realtime preemption mini-summit

,----[ Quote ]
| Prior to the Eleventh Real Time Linux Workshop in 
| Dresden, Germany, a small group met to discuss 
| the further development of the realtime 
| preemption work for the Linux kernel. This "mini-
| summit" covered a wide range of topics, but was 
| driven by a straightforward set of goals: the 
| continuing improvement of realtime capabilities 
| in Linux and the merging of the realtime 
| preemption patches into the mainline.



Ohio LinuxFest report: "Forty Years of Unix"

,----[ Quote ]
| I just got back from OhioLinuxFest "Forty Years of
| Unix," and I want to report on what I heard, who I
| saw, and what I learned. I wasn't sure how it would
| be this year, with a slowed economy. Compared to
| last year, it had fewer exhibitors, but roughly the
| same number of attendees. The raffle tickets sold
| out, which is a good sign for any fund-raising
| activity.


End Users Meet Year End

,----[ Quote ]
| There are a plethora of opportunities for geeks to meet and greet
| one another throughout the year: linux.conf.au, Linux Congress,
| OSCON, Linux Plumber's Conference, LinuxCon, the list goes on.
| There is one, however, where the focus is purely on the customer,
| so-to-speak â the end user. The conference in question, aptly
| named the End User Summit, is quickly drawing near, and the Linux
| Foundation is wondering who wants to be there.

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