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[News] More Censorship and Abuse on the Web

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Beck Tries to Kill Parody Website

,----[ Quote ]
| I don't know if you've ever seen the Did Glenn 
| Beck Rape and Murder a Young Girl in 1990 
| website, but it's fairly amusing. It's a 
| political satire of the style of argument Glenn 
| Beck likes to engage in, which involves requiring 
| that someone prove a negative ("prove you didn't 
| do X") and making claims in the form of an 
| interrogative ("Hey, I'm just asking questions 
| here. I'm not saying he did this. What's wrong 
| with asking questions?").


Q&A: Worldwide surveillance and filtering

,----[ Quote ]
| Rafal Rohozinski is a founder and principal 
| investigator of the Information Warfare Monitor 
| and the OpenNet Initiative, where he directs a 
| network of field-based staff in Asia, the CIS and 
| Middle East. Rafal has 18 years of field-based 
| experience working in an operational and advisory 
| capacity in 37 countries. In 2005-2006, Rafal 
| served as an embedded Chief Technical Advisor to 
| the Palestinian Authority.



Senator Orrin Hatch... And The Lies The Copyright Industry Tells

,----[ Quote ]
| In my last post, I walked through the misleading or outright false arguments
| by Rep. Wexler in defense of stronger copyrights. At the same event, Senator
| Orrin Hatch also spoke, and it's worth responding to him as well.
|     You in this room are the artists, the innovators, and leaders of the
|     world copyright industry. Not only do your artistic works continue to
|     encourage the creation of new works that inspire and delight us, but also
|     your industry is one of the few that consistently generates a positive
|     balance of trade.
| This assumes, incorrectly, that copyright is the sole reason for the creation
| of artistic works or that positive balance of trade. The evidence suggests
| otherwise. There are many reasons why people create. Some have nothing to do
| with monetary incentive -- but even those that do have found that "copyright"
| is not the only way to make money, and, in fact may not be the best way to
| make money. Yet, those who do creative things are often limited by copyright.


Once Again, Before Sending A DMCA Takedown, It Helps To Actually Own The

,----[ Quote ]
| But, basically, someone used a video to respond to a guy from the Discovery
| Institute concerning a recent appearance he made on Fox News. The Fox News
| video is Fox's copyright. Yet, the Discovery Institute sent the takedown
| notice. Furthermore, the use of the video (even if Fox had sent the takedown)
| is almost certainly fair use. It was used for commentary in a non-commercial
| manner.


DMCA Coupon Flap Ends â Nobody 'Won'

,----[ Quote ]
| A federal judge on Thursday rejected an online coupon-generating company's
| bid to reopen a copyright infringement lawsuit against a North Carolina man
| who posted commands allowing users to print an unlimited number of valid
| coupons.

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