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[News] Guns Nâ Roses -- Like Lily Allen -- Caught for Stealing Like a 'Pirate' Again

  • Subject: [News] Guns Nâ Roses -- Like Lily Allen -- Caught for Stealing Like a 'Pirate' Again
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Oct 2009 11:56:21 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Guns Nâ Roses sued for copyright violation

,----[ Quote ]
| The RIAA, FBI and GunsânâRoses wanted him jailed 
| for uploading nine unreleased tracks from the 
| bandâs Chinese Democracy album to his blog, said 
| p2pnet in July.
| [...]
| In an ironic twist, Guns Nâ Roses is being 
| accused of, you guessed it, copyright 
| infringement.


Shorter copyright would free creativity

,----[ Quote ]
| The film It's a Wonderful Life is now very 
| popular but originally lost money. It was only 
| after 1970 when copyright lapsed and it was taken 
| up by others that it became successful. Ditto The 
| Secret Garden, a children's classic, and numerous 
| others. This is worth noting because governments 
| everywhere are caving in to corporate lobbies by 
| extending the life of copyright, â ludicrous in a 
| digital age â to life plus 70 years. Length of 
| copyright is at the heart of the current debate 
| about whether Google should be allowed to scan 
| books including "orphan works" where copyright is 
| unknown. These account for 40% of all books, 
| according to the British Library, which has 
| scanned less than 5% of its treasures because of 
| the uncertainty of copyright laws. Some suggest 
| that only 2% of all works protected by copyright 
| are commercially available, an absurd misuse of 
| knowledge.



A Song For Lily Allen... And A Little Conversation

,----[ Quote ]
| And, despite her deleting her blog, some actually
| saved many of the comments on her blog. And, again,
| they don't show "abuse," but thoughtful, reasoned
| argument along these lines -- none of which Ms.
| Allen has responded to as of yet. That post, by the
| way, also highlights numerous factual errors in Ms.
| Allen's earlier responses.
| So, yes, I'm going to post this video, because I
| think it's great (and catchy) and because I think it
| does further the conversation, just not in the
| direction that Ms. Allen intended. It's from a fan
| of Ms. Allen's work, and is endearing, not
| attacking. It's entertaining. It's free... and it
| got me to go and buy Dan Bull's first album, even
| though he's offering it up for free, too.


Blow for music industry as Lily Allen says Peter Mandelson's plans too draconian

,----[ Quote ]
| The music industryâs battle to have persistent internet
| pirates disconnected was dealt a huge blow last night
| after leading musicians including Lily Allen settled
| their differences and agreed that plans to suspend
| internet access were too draconian.


Squeeze file-sharers, stars say

,----[ Quote ]
| Instead, they released a statement saying persistent
| offenders should have their bandwidths "squeezed".
| Artists including Allen, George Michael, Annie Lennox,
| Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien and Pink Floyd drummer
| Nick Mason signed the statement.


Lily Allen Distributing Tons Of Copyrighted Music; Blows Way Past Three Strikes

,----[Quote  ]
| It appears that she actually qualifies. Quite directly.
| She's offering music from, among others, Jay-Z, Jefferson
| Airplane, The Specials and The Kinks. Admittedly, it's
| just a quick look around, but it appears many of the
| artists whose works she's distributing for free have no
| connection with EMI. Even if they did, remember EMI was
| recently claiming that it's never authorized MP3s for
| distribution for publicity purposes. Uh oh.


Some Questions For Lily Allen


A Teaching Moment For Lily Allen [Update: And Poof Goes Her Blog]

,----[ Quote ]
| Update: Wow. In the half an hour or so that I took to
| write this post, Lily erased the blog post where she
| responded (I've got a screenshot if anyone wants to see
| it), and just added a note to Twitter, saying that she's
| shut down the entire blog due to too much abuse. Lily,
| it's not abuse if we're just asking you to rethink your
| positions that appear to not be particularly well thought
| out.


Lily Allen, Don't Apologize To Me, Apologize To Everyone Else

,----[ Quote ]
| If anyone deserves an apology, it's all the people you've been
| blasting with this complaint that it's "piracy" that's somehow
| harming artists, when the actual evidence shows no such thing.
| Plenty of artists have learned to embrace file sharing and
| used it to their advantage, suggesting it's not piracy that's
| the problem -- it's artists unwillingness to adapt and put in
| place smarter business models.


Lily Allen: Copying Isn't Alright... Unless It's Done By Lily Allen

,----[ Quote ]
| But what's quite odd is that Ms. Allen, while complaining
| about such unfair copying, seemed to have absolutely no
| problem with copying my entire Techdirt post -- without
| credit or a link.

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