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Re: Open Source Software vs. Free Software?

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____/ Nomen Nescio on Friday 09 Oct 2009 23:46 : \____

> http://blogs.zdnet.com/perlow/?p=11266
> This article makes a (vain) attempt at trying to explain the
> differences between Open Source Software and Free Software. The only
> difference I see is that Free Software is more pragmatic and takes the
> view that the proprietary world is always trying to kill off the FOSS
> movement, hence its strict guidelines such as the GPLv3. Open Source
> seems more laissez faire where all sorts of mixes of commercial and
> open source can co-exist.
> I personally support Stallman's Maoist ways since he's right about the
> fact that companies like Microsoft and Oracle are only out to muddy the
> differences between Open Source and Proprietary Source to their make it
> suit their advantage. If we follow their lead we will probably end up
> with something where we can see the source code, but can't touch it,
> have to pay for it, and have to respect the zillion of trivial patents
> they have on the software. Stallman may be a stalwart sometimes, but
> he's right in the fact that if we allow only a minor deviation of free
> software's True Guiding Principles (tm) we'll end up with Open Source
> being just another BUSINESS MODEL.
> Hail Stallman!

To understand the convictions of the author, bear in mind he mixes Windows with Linux (in VMs)
for a living. RMS stands in his way, so to speak.

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