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[News] [Rival] Miguel de Icaza Acts Like Spokes-Puppet of Microsoft Corp. -- Already

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Miguel de Icaza Acts Like Spokes-Puppet of Microsoft Corp. -- Already
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2009 11:02:39 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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De Icaza makes light of Microsoft bid to sell anti-Linux patents 

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell vice-president Miguel de Icaza has 
| dismissed Microsoft's bid to sell patents 
| that could be used to attack Linux, 
| saying it was not a problem as the 
| patents were now in good hands.
| [...]
| "As for the patent sale, they are now in 
| good hands: the OIN, so they are not a 
| problem." (emphasis mine)
| Mark pointed out that some of the 
| comments, made in reaction to De Icaza's 
| post, made no sense because they were 
| referring to this deleted portion. De 
| Icaza did not respond to this post.


Seeking a Stallman for open source

,----[ Quote ]
| There is an implication in Perlowâs piece 
| (mouse over the illustration at its top) 
| that Miguel de Icaza, credited with 
| launching both Mono and GNOME, should be 
| that alternative spokesman. This is 
| partly due to Stallmanâs focusing on him 
| as âa traitorâ to the FLOSS movement.
| Technically he is. But as Iâve noted 
| before, being a traitor to FLOSS does not 
| make you a traitor to open source. The 
| two things are quite different, even if 
| they share a license in the GPL. And open 
| source, as opposed to to FLOSS, does lack 
| a leader. a spokesman, a Stallman if you 
| will.


Yetanotherbob - Subject: Yep, Microsoft Linux ( Oct 9, 2009, 15:57:32 )

,----[ Quote ]
| It's not their favorite, but there is a 
| Microsoft Linux being sold. It's called 
| SUSE (Novell)
| Looks like 'world domination' did happen.
| MS now has both outcomes covered.
| The correct response is to ignore it all 
| and just keep coding. 


Fisher King - Subject: Being over obvious...lawyers vs. Product folks ( Oct 9, 2009, 18:46:40 )

,----[ Quote ]
| It is sad for the product development and 
| product mgmt folks at Microsoft that they 
| have to live by the crud their lawyers 
| and CEO orchestrated with Novell.
| Making them leap up and talk about the 
| Novell patent protection, and spreading 
| Linux FUD...like customers care. All it 
| does is make customers leery, and makes 
| the MS employees look and feel inadequate 
| (like they can't compete without the big 
| bully standing next to them). I know for 
| sure this upsets many smart, driven 
| people that work at Microsoft. "Don't 
| talk about the quality of your product, 
| sell Suse, and tell people why non-Suse 
| Linux is bad". What a giant waste of time 
| and energy. 



Patently Opaque

,----[ Quote ]
| What was in this lot of 22 patents that would
| specifically worry the Linux community? The OIN
| supplied The H with a list of the patents:
|    * Encoding a URL into the playback of a media file
|    (5987509, 6499057, 5774666, 6963906)
|    * Broadcasting video over distributed networks
|    (6005600, 6792468, 7448062)
|    * Launching a browser and sending it to a URL by
|    clicking an icon (5737560, 5877767, 6072491,
|    7032185)
|    * Launching applications through a movie (5745713)
|    * Colour space conversions (5946113, 6147772)
|    * Web page annotations (6081829, 6571295)
|    * Web publishing hypertext (5890170)
|    * Web publishing and editing with templates
|    (6026433)
|    * A Method for painting on a computer (5182548)
|    * Virtual Address Translation (6205531)
|    * Dynamically generating graphics for the web on the
|    server (6098092)
|    * Dynamic information clipping service (5649186)


The real patent threat: Not Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Hence, while the open-source world is up in arms about Microsoft's TomTom
| patent suit, it should be far more worried about news that Intellectual
| Ventures has grabbed another 500 patents through a deal with Telcordia
| Technologies, as TechFlash reports. Intellectual Ventures, arguably the
| world's largest patent troll, is set up to do nothing more than license its
| intellectual property, which it has done to the tune of hundreds of millions
| of dollars.


Intellectual Ventures adds to patent pile with new deal

,----[ Quote ]
| Intellectual Ventures is adding to its huge pile of patents. The
| Bellevue-based firm, founded by former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold, is
| today announcing a partnership with broadband company Telcordia Technologies,
| giving it access to more than 500 Telcordia patents. Intellectual Ventures
| has also pledged to fund Telcordia research and development.


Checking in on Nathan Myhrvold

,----[ Quote ]
| I'd suggest the business be called Intellectual Vultures' ... because that is
| exactly what Nathan is bringing to the table - nothing. This business model
| stifles and prevents creative idea, and is yet another made up securities
| model that preys on other people's legitimate hard work.
| When he was at Microsoft, he had zero practical ideas and I see he's still
| doing the same, only this time, he's screwing the whole public. This business
| is living on the backs of other people because they don't know how to spell
| the word âinnovation'. How about coming up with an original and useful idea
| and earn it the old fashion way?
| Nathan should be ashamed of this practice and he should be investigated by
| the FTC for predatory business practices.


Nathan Myhrvoldâs Patent Extortion Fund Is Reaping Hundreds Of Millions of

,----[ Quote ]
| Donât blame Nathan Myhrvold for taking advantage of the culture of rampant
| patent litigation in this country. He is only doing what large companies with
| vast patent portfolios such as IBM and Microsoft do on a daily basis: use the
| threat of patent infringement litigation to strike lucrative patent licensing
| deals. Except Myhrvold, who used to be Bill Gatesâ right-hand man at
| Microsoft during the 1990s, does it through his patent-gobbling fund,
| Intellectual Ventures.


Invention Capitalism & the Law: Checking in on Nathan Myhrvold

,----[ Quote ]
| Myhrvold told the WSJ that he acknowledges facing resistance from companies
| he targets for licenses. But his patent inventory gives him leverage to
| extract settlements without litigation. âI say, âI canât afford to sue you on
| all of these, and you canât afford to defend on all these,ââ he said.


Nathan Myhrvold: Alpha patent troll?

,----[ Quote ]
| Former Microsoft exec Nathan Myhrvold has been collecting patents, extracting
| fees from technology companies via his company Intellectual Ventures. Is
| Myhrvold a patent troll with tech cred?
| The Wall Street Journal has a long account of Myhrvoldâs patent collecting
| efforts and how he is winning multimillion dollar payments from the likes of
| Verizon and Cisco. These payments are top secret material, but Myhrvoldâs
| firm is the one reaping the rewards. Intellectual Ventures has more than
| 20,000 patents. In many respects, Myhrvold is just a patent trader. A few
| lawsuits could define him as a troll quickly though.


Tech Guru Riles the Industry

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the past few years, the former Microsoft Corp. executive has quietly
| amassed a trove of 20,000-plus patents and patent applications related to
| everything from lasers to computer chips. He now ranks among the world's
| largest patent-holders -- and is using that clout to press tech giants to
| sign some of the costliest patent-licensing deals ever negotiated.

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