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Re: Open Source Makes Big Gains at the London Stock Exchange

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Friday 09 Oct 2009 03:17 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> High Plains Thumper on Thursday:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> nessuno on Tuesday:
>>>>>> Can someone say "TCO"? :-)
>>>>> Get the facts, I say.
>>>> http://gotthefacts.org/
>>> [quote]
>>> 1. Plaintiffs notify the Department of Justice and Iowa
>>> Attorney General Tom Miller of Microsoft's non-compliance
>>> with the 2002 Final Judgment in United States v. Microsoft.
>>> Today, Roxanne Conlin, co-lead counsel for the Plaintiffs in
>>> Comes v. Microsoft, sent a letter to Thomas Barnett of the
>>> United States Department of Justice and Iowa Attorney
>>> General Tom Miller, informing them that the Comes Plaintiffs
>>> have obtained confidential discovery materials from
>>> Microsoft showing that Microsoft is not complying with, and
>>> is circumventing, its disclosure obligations under the 2002
>>> Final Judgment entered by the federal court in United States
>>> v. Microsoft.
>>> The 2002 Final Judgment requires Microsoft to fully disclose
>>> applications programming interfaces ('APIs') and related
>>> documentation used by Microsoft. An expert retained by
>>> Plaintiffs analyzed source code and other materials produced
>>> by Microsoft in the Comes matter, and has concluded that a
>>> large number of Windows APIs used by Microsoft middleware
>>> remain undocumented. Because of the important public policy
>>> considerations associated with Microsofts obligations under
>>> the 2002 Final Judgment, Plaintiffs received permission from
>>> the Polk County District Court to discuss the matter with
>>> appropriate authorities. [/quote]
>>> http://iowa.gotthefacts.org/1-22mediaupdate.pdf
>> But dude!!! It's so old. That crime has already 'expired',
>> hasn't it?
>> [Microsoft troll line]
> There here is something more recent.   :-)
> Microsoft still continues its anti-competitive practises against
> Linux.
> The link
> http://www.ecis.eu/documents/Finalversion_Consumerchoicepaper.pdf
> is a well detailed summary of the anti-competitive acts of
> monopoly maintenance by the Microsoft Corporation, authors of the
> Windows brand of OS software.  It outlines the anti-competitive
> acts against Linux including patent FUD, which is found on Page
> 23 of the document:
> [quote]
> In an apparent escalation of its patent FUD strategy, Microsoft
> sued the navigational system vendor, TomTom, for patent
> infringement at the end of February 2009. Three patent claims
> related to Linux are included in the lawsuit.[135]
> At least two of them are related to highly questionable patents
> on long file name support in Windows, which have been partially
> invalidated by an EC patent court on the grounds that Microsoftâs
> patent claims were ânot based on inventive activityâ.[136]
> While Microsoft has publicly claimed that its action is not
> directed against Linux or open source, and the case was settled
> in March 2009 pursuant to a mostly confidential agreement, this
> represents an aggressive development of Microsoftâs use of
> spurious or highly questionable patent claims to intimidate and
> eliminate competition from Linux in order to maintain or
> strengthen its dominant position in the OS market.
> 135. See Bruce Perens, Analyzing Microsoftâs TomTom Lawsuit,
> DATAMATION.COM, Mar. 1, 2009, available at
> http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/osrc/article.php/3807801/Bruce-Perens-Analyzing-Microsofts-Linux-Lawsuit.htm
> and Richard Hillesley, TomTom â The drums of a patent war with
> Microsoft? ITPRO.COM, Mar. 5, 2009, available at
> http://www.itpro.co.uk/610093/tomtom-the-drums-of-a-patent-war-with-microsoft.
> 136. See, e.g., Federal Patent Court declares FAT patent of
> Microsoft null and void, HEISE ONLINE, Mar. 2, 2007, available at
> http://www.heise.de/english/newsticker/news/86141.

Miguel de Novell still defends Microsoft.

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