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[News] Freedom/Openness Spreads to Embroidery, Journalism, Education, Science

  • Subject: [News] Freedom/Openness Spreads to Embroidery, Journalism, Education, Science
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 08:35:25 +0100
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10/8: All Your Stitches Are Belong To Us: Open Source Embroidery

,----[ Quote ]
| GRANNY'S GONE GEEK: You've seen the 
| complex and beautiful inside of a 
| computer, but can you sew it? The Museum 
| of Craft and Folk Art's latest exhibit, 
| Open Source Embroidery, 


Students experiment with open source journalism

,----[ Quote ]
| This transparency not only makes the 
| inclusion of the community simple, it 
| makes the process of doing the story 
| simple. No passwords, no central 
| command-and-control. Instead we are 
| creating an organic and open story 
| development process that engages a 
| community of people who can act as 
| evangelists for our work. In the world 
| of the social web that creates an 
| expanding virtuous circle of network 
| links and reposts that gives us access 
| to expertise we would otherwise have 
| missed.


Free Education -- Sustaining Open-Source Curriculum?

,----[ Quote ]
| The open education movement is a new and 
| exciting way to promote access to high 
| quality educational content and to 
| better engage teachers in using and 
| developing curriculum. Truly, the 
| movement has the potential to be a 
| disruptive change to education and 
| publishing. Yet when it comes to 
| sustaining the movement, creative and 
| as-yet unproven business models must be 
| evolved and refined to keep the momentum 
| going.
| Yes, FREE and open is inevitable.  How 
| exactly FREE navigates the highly 
| governed, deeply entrenched waters of 
| education is a journey just starting to 
| unfold.


Science 2.0 - Time to Move Forward

,----[ Quote ]
| So why is that? It is often the job of service providers 
| and manufacturers of scientific computing systems and
| applications to allow some user control over their systems.
| Or in the case of open source, to provide code access to 
| developers. Open source is also one of the key success factors
| of web 2.0. How about if the users themselves customize scientific 
| software architectures and built-in features to suite their 
| specific needs? Or even better, design their own user interface
| for any given informatics and analytical applications. For 
| example, creating their own functions, toolbars, data types 
| and resource management tools. In other words, users utilize 
| such applications to create their own applications.



State of New York's LaborForge Helps Agencies Collaborate

,----[ Quote ]
| As local and state operational budgets dwindle, many
| government agencies are turning to open source
| software to help manage workflow both internally and
| with other departments. As part of a Collaboration
| Initiative, The New York State Department of Labor
| launched LaborForge, a public repository designed
| specifically for sharing labor-related source code
| and design documents.


Clay Shirky: Let a thousand flowers bloom to replace newspapers; donât build a paywall around a public good

,----[ Quote ]
| NYU professor and Internet thinker Clay Shirky gave a
| talk Tuesday at the Shorenstein Center on the Press,
| Politics and Public Policy, our friends just on the
| other side of Harvard Square. His subject was the
| future of accountability journalism in a world of
| declining newspapers. Even for those of us familiar
| with his ideas, he brought in a few new wrinkles,
| which have already been the subject of commentary
| around the web.

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