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[News] Intellectual Monopolies Fake Evidence

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Anti-Pirates Try to Nail The Pirate Bay with Faked Evidence

,----[ Quote ]
| In August, Dutch anti-piracy outfit 
| BREIN won its case against The Pirate 
| Bay, and the court ordered the 
| defendants to block access to Dutch 
| visitors. The case was appealed today 
| and rightly so. It appears that the 
| evidence presented by BREIN was faked in 
| an attempt to mislead the court.


Peter Sunde Brings Criminal Charges Against BREIN, Claims They
Falsified Documents Against The Pirate Bay


They don't care. They already decide the trial's outcome before it's even started, by labelling others
as evil (or "pirates"). If they fabricate evidence, they'll see it as acceptable.

Newspaper trademark bid challenged by U.S. Olympic Committee

,----[ Quote ]
| The U.S. Olympic Committee is protesting 
| an effort by the parent company of The 
| Olympian to trademark the newspaper's 
| name.



Two More Pirate Bay Appeal Judges Accused of Bias

,----[ Quote ]
| Earlier this week TorrentFreak reported that there
| had been objections over one of the proposed lay
| judges set for the Pirate Bay appeal. Now there are
| yet more claims of possible bias, this time with two
| of the main judges who have both been members of pro-
| copyright groups.


Music piracy costs money; does fighting it cost more?

,----[ Quote ]
| The major music labels say that they stand to lose
| Â200 million this year in the UK alone thanks to
| Internet file-sharing. But one of the country's
| biggest ISPs is now slinging around some huge numbers
| of its own, saying it will actually cost ISPs Â365
| million a year to adopt "three strikes" rules meant
| to stem piracy.


A crowd-sourced translation of The Lost Symbol: is this copyright infringement?

,----[ Quote ]
| His last book, The Da Vinci Code, was wildly popular
| in China and propelled translations of his earlier
| novels onto bestseller lists as well. The latest
| thriller, which follows the further adventures of
| intrepid symbologist Robert Langdon, should sell well
| over here too.
| Once it's translated, that is. People's Literature
| Publishing House expects a Chinese edition to be on
| shelves sometime in 2010.


The Pirate Bay Taken Offline By Swedish Authorities (Updated)

,----[ Quote ]
| Following the earlier court defeat for Fredrik, Gottfrid and Peter and the
| pending civil action taken by several Hollywood studios, the Swedish
| authorities have now ordered The Pirate Bay to be disconnected from the
| Internet. The siteâs bandwidth suppliers have been threatened with a large
| fine. The site is completely offline.


Pirate Bay site down as anchor set adrift

,----[ Quote ]
| The Pirate Bay is out of action again 24 hours after Swedish authorities
| blocked the infamous BitTorrent tracker site.


Pirate Bay Block Violates Democratic Principles, ISP Says

,----[ Quote ]
| Norwayâs largest Internet provider âTelenorâ was dragged to court by the
| movie and music industries last month, after it refused an earlier request to
| disable customer access to The Pirate Bay. Today, Telenor explains why it
| didnât cave in to the legal pressure and says it wants the courts to rule on
| the issue instead.


Stephen Fry on copyright

,----[ Quote ]
| At an event in London last night, the writer, actor, and gadget fan Stephen
| Fry launched a surprisingly ferocious attack on the music and movie
| industries over the way they have acted to defend their copyright.


Richard Marx (!) attacks RIAA after $1.92M Thomas verdict

,----[ Quote ]
| Jammie Thomas-Rasset was held liable to sharing 24 songs, including one by
| pop crooner Richard Marx. But the lawsuit wasn't done in Marx's nameâthis
| week, he called out the recording industry's "greedy actions."


Moby: The RIAA Needs to be Disbanded

,----[ Quote ]
| The two million dollar fine handed out to Jammie Thomas by a Minnesota jury
| this week hasnât done the music industryâs image much good. While lawyers and
| high level managers at the major labels cracked open the Champagne, artists
| such as Moby and Radiohead shook their heads in shame at what the music world
| has become.

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