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Re: 41% of software on personal computers is pirated

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____/ bbgruff on Monday 12 Oct 2009 16:20 : \____

> I'm not suggesting that you Linux-users are responsible for *all* of this.
> Clearly, since Linux (on the desktop) is used by only about 1% of desktop
> users, I can't hold you to blame to any large extent.
> Nevertheless, perhaps you should read through the article, and reflect on
> the amount of FOSS that you pirate, since such piracy on your part must(?)
> surely be responsible for some of the ills mentioned in the article -
> mustn't it??? :-)
> "Stop being Freetards" is the answer!
> ==========================================
> "Individuals are turning to P2P networks and auction sites in staggering
> numbers to acquire or transfer illegal software and in doing so are harming
> the economy whilst exposing themselves to malware, identity theft and
> criminal prosecution, according to a report from the Business Software
> Alliance"
> ...
> ...
> "These torrent files were being used by nearly 2.9 million individuals to
> download software with a retail value of more than $974 million"
> ...
> ...
> âSoftware piracy is a threat on multiple fronts. Pirated software can be a
> breeding ground for malware and can also open users up to crimes such as
> identity theft. Those who decide to acquire illegal software harm the
> economy and companies of all sizes. Moreover, those who engage in piracy
> open themselves up to civil and criminal prosecutionâ said Blank of BSA."
> http://www.net-security.org/secworld.php?id=8325

The BSA should be illegalised for the cartel it is. Software is maintained,
owned, not licensed. Paying for software upon purchase is a dying
business model. There's libre software now.

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