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[News] MAFIAA Brings Propaganda via Comics, Lawsuits, Tax

  • Subject: [News] MAFIAA Brings Propaganda via Comics, Lawsuits, Tax
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 14:12:16 +0100
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Anti-Pirates Scare Kids with Propagandistic Comic Book

,----[ Quote ]
| The Motion Picture Association has sent 
| one of its big shot lobbyists to New 
| Zealand to advocate tougher anti-piracy 
| legislation, and to promote a 
| propagandistic comic book set be handed 
| out to thousands of local kids. 
| Interestingly, the comic doesnât touch the 
| subject of copyright. Instead it uses 
| false threats to scare children and 
| parents about the dangers of file-sharing.


Pirate Bay co-founders deny ownership of site

,----[ Quote ]
| Lawyers representing The Pirate Bay co-
| founders, Frederik Neij and Gottfrid Warg, 
| denied in a Dutch civil court yesterday 
| that the Swedish men currently own the 
| notorious BitTorrent tracker site.


Big Entertainment's century-long technophobic binge

,----[ Quote ]
| Nice work from Ars Technica's Nate 
| Anderson on the ways that entertainment 
| companies have spent the past century 
| decrying new technology, claiming that it 
| would destroy copyright, from the record 
| player to the xerox machine to the VCR to 
| DTV to Napster.


BCCLA Files Lawsuit Against City For Violation of Charter Rights, VO Blogger Chris Shaw Key Plaintiff

,----[ Quote ]
| Two citizens stood up today against the 
| Vancouver Olympics Committee and the City 
| of Vancouver to oppose a bylaw they say  
| will infringe on free speech and erode 
| Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


ASCAP and BMI - Another Royalty Battle for Broadcasters?

,----[ Quote ]
| While we have written much about the 
| battle over the broadcast performance 
| royalty (or the "performance tax" as 
| broadcasters call is) - whether 
| broadcasters will have to pay artists and 
| record labels for the right to play their 
| music on the air - we have not written 
| much about another looming issue with the 
| royalties that broadcasters must pay to 
| play music on their stations.  While 
| broadcasters are very familiar with the 
| ASCAP and BMI royalties, they may not be 
| fully aware that there is a looming 
| dispute over the amount that broadcasters 
| will pay to these organizations in the 
| near future.  At a panel that I moderated 
| at the NAB Radio Show, Bill Valez, the 
| head of the Radio Music Licensing 
| Committee, talked about the current 
| negotiations for the renewal of the 
| royalty agreements between radio stations 
| and these two Performing Rights 
| Organizations ("PROs"). 



children as young as five

,----[ Quote ]
| The record industry was under fire last
| night after launching a scheme to teach
| primary schoolchildren â possibly as
| young as five â not to illegally download
| music from the internet.


High court overturns guilty ruling against developer of
file-sharing software Winny

,----[ Quote ]
| The Osaka High Court on Thursday
| overturned a lower court ruling that had
| convicted the developer of controversial
| file-sharing software Winny of assisting
| violations of the Copyright Law.
| Isamu Kaneko, 39, a former research
| assistant at the University of Tokyo, was
| declared not guilty, and will not be
| required to pay a 1.5 million yen fine
| levied by a December 2006 Kyoto District
| Court ruling.


Music Publishers, Songwriters To Congress: Our Royalties
Should Be Guaranteed, No Matter What The Market Says

,----[ Quote ]
| No wonder they're lashing out and doing
| all sorts of ridiculous stuff like trying
| to get extra royalties on embedded
| videos, ringtones and 30 second previews.
| These are the same groups that have
| publicly decided they need to try to
| start a PR campaign against people who
| are trying to protect user rights and
| fair use. Since that time, we've noticed
| various people associated with ASCAP and
| the Songwriters Guild putting up various
| blogs attacking copyright skeptics in the
| most ridiculous ways. There's one, which
| isn't worth pointing out, where a lawyer
| who works with these groups regularly
| mocks Larry Lessig, William Patry,
| Michael Geist and myself -- using
| nicknames and making up fanciful stories
| about us. It's the sort of activity you'd
| expect from a 12-year-old.


MI Tries To Hide Kids Education Anti-Piracy Objective

,----[ Quote ]
| A music industry consultant has changed her Linkedin
| profile when it was revealed that the music lessons sheâs
| giving in schools arenât quite as they seem. Ruth Katz, who
| worked in anti-piracy enforcement for EMI and still works
| for the company as a consultant, is lecturing kids as young
| as five on anti-piracy issues.


EMI To Mom & Pops: Eat Cake Bitch

,----[ Quote ]
| So let me get this straight. EMI intends to save money by not selling their
| CDâs to independent retailers. Instead they want these retailers to go to one
| stops for their product.


Back to school with RIAA-funded copyright curriculum

,----[ Quote ]
| School kids in American could certainly stand to learn
| about copyright in the classroomâit's a fascinating
| topic that increasingly impacts the life of every
| "digital native" and intersects with law, history, art,
| and technology. But should they be exposed to industry-
| funded materials meant to teach kids:
| That taking music without paying for it ("songlifting")
| is illegal and unfair to others (RIAA)
| Why illegally downloading music hurts more people than
| they think (ASCAP)
| How the DVD-sniffing dogs, Lucky and Flo, help uncover
| film piracy (MPAA)
| To use problem-solving approaches to investigate and
| understand film piracy (The Film Foundation)
| The importance of using legal software as well as the
| meaning of copyright laws and why it's essential to
| protect copyrighted works such as software (Business
| Software Alliance)


Michael Robertson Wants To Crowdsource Proof Of EMI's Lies: You Lie EMI Bookmarklet Available

,----[ Quote ]
| EMI has been involved in a lawsuit with MP3Tunes for a
| while now. The whole lawsuit seems weird, since
| MP3Tunes is about creating a storage locker for the
| songs you already have. But one of the points that
| MP3Tunes made in response to EMI's claims is that EMI
| was lying in saying that it has never authorized MP3s
| to be available online.


Canadian Copyright Levy Group Wants New iPod Tax... But It's Not Really For The Artists

,----[ Quote ]
| But they're back at it again. And it's really no wonder.
| Already the cost of a blank CD in Canada has an astounding
| 90% of the price go to this levy. But what happens to all
| that money? Well, the CPCC claims that it needs this levy to
| sustain the livelihood of artists. That's also its reasoning
| for extending it to iPods. But, Howard Knopf dug into the
| numbers a bit and notes how laughable that claim is. First,
| CPCC claims that its brought in over $150 million from the
| blank CD levy, and handed it out to 97,000 rights holders
| "most of whom would not be able to continue their careers
| without this revenue."

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