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[News] [Rival] What Microsoft Touches Microsoft Kills... T-Mobile Dumps Sidekick After Windows Meltdown

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] What Microsoft Touches Microsoft Kills... T-Mobile Dumps Sidekick After Windows Meltdown
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 14:30:24 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Cause: http://www.myextralife.com/comic/comic-scotts-360-is-dead/


Phone sales hit by Sidekick loss

,----[ Quote ]
| US carrier T-Mobile has halted sales of 
| the Sidekick cellphone after a server 
| caused customers to lose personal data.
| Microsoft subsidiary Danger, which 
| designed Sidekick's software and service, 
| confirmed the disruption. 


T-Mobile and Microsoft/Danger data loss is bad for the cloud


How Did Danger Not Backup Its Servers? How Did Microsoft Allow Such A Failure?



Why the London Stock Exchange went for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| MillenniumIT has already tested the system using
| data from the LSE. Fairbrother said that the
| system offered high performance, was highly
| scalable, and could perform at sub-millisecond
| speeds.


Open Source Makes Big Gains at the London Stock Exchange

,----[ Quote ]
| At first sight, news that the London Stock Exchange
| (LSE) is moving from the Microsoft .Net-based TradElect
| to the GNU/Linux-based MillenniumIT system, is just
| another win for free software.
| But the details provide some fascinating insights into
| the world of very high performance â and very expensive
| â enterprise systems.


Report: London Stock Exchange will move to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The LSE plans to migrate both itself and its Italian
| subsidiary, Borsa, to the new platform.


A Linux server that fits in your palm

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenBlockS 600 is powered by a 600MHz powerPC CPU and
| has 1GB of DDR2 SDRAM and a CompactFlash slot and three USB
| 2.0 ports for internal and external storage. It comes
| installed with Plat'Home's own embedded SSD/Linux
| distribution by default. Customers can also request others
| such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Java SE for embedded and
| NetBSD.


London Stock Exchange in talks to buy Turquoise Trading technology

,----[ Quote ]
| Last month, the LSE announced it will acquire Sri Lankan
| trading firm Millennium IT for Â18 million, replacing its
| Accenture built, Microsoft .Net-based TradElect platform.
| The new platform is understood to be based on Linux.


London Stock Exchange grabs rival

,----[ Quote ]
| The London Stock Exchange is in exclusive talks to buy
| Project Turquoise, the rival trading platform set up by
| nine banks in order to push down transaction fees.


About that London Stock Exchange IT failure

,----[ Quote ]
| All of which should have you wonder what Linux has to do with any of this -
| Microsoftâs headline, youâll recall said that the LSE picked Windows over
| Linux for reliability.
| The answer is that Linux has nothing to do with any of this: Microsoft simply
| hung an anti-Linux label on a very carefully worded story about a pair of
| committed Microsoft partners, HP and Accenture, getting together with
| Microsoft to sell rather simple technology to a willing customer - and
| neither Linux nor Solaris is mentioned anywhere in the text.


Furse should not resign, she should be sacked

,----[ Quote ]
| Comment The farce of the London Stock Exchange not only crashing but failing
| to get its systems up and running again should surprise no one.
| Well, no one except LSE boss Clara Furse, who demonstrates little
| understanding that technology is crucial to her business.
| Iâve worked for members of the London Stock Exchange and everyone agrees she
| is world-class at corporate presentations, but the evidence that she can
| actually run things is rather harder to come by.
| No one expects her to write FIX handlers, or optimise an order-matching
| engine, but her yes-men simply were not in the position to make any
| intelligent decisions on technology, if we look at the board of the LSE.
| Do we see anything that even looks like experience in technology? No. We see
| three from the media, and of course accountancy, but no mention of
| technology.
| To be sure, the CIO (not on the board) is ex-Accenture man David Lester. To a
| Reg reader, Accenture will be associated in the context of technology with
| the words âscrew upâ, âlateâ, and âover budgetâ. Clara Furse cannot be held
| responsible for problems with Cisco switches - one of the suggested
| culprits - but she is absolutely in the frame for the choice of senior
| management and strategic vendors.


London Stock Exchange in denial over system outage

,----[ Quote ]
| The LSE absolved its core TradElect platform from blame. The system, designed
| and built by Accenture, runs on HP ProLiant Servers and Microsoft .Net and
| SQL Server 2000 systems. Accenture declined to comment on Monday's events.
| The LSE said, "we won't discuss dealings with our individual suppliers".
| Bob McDowall, senior analyst at Tower Group, said sparse explanations
| provided by the LSE so far were ânot very satisfactoryâ.


London Stock Exchange trading derailed by computer crash on frenzied day

,----[ Quote ]
| Trading on the London Stock Exchange has been halted after a computer system
| failed on one of the most frantic days of trading so far this year.
| FTSE 100: trading on the London Stock Exchange halted after computer systems
| failed
| In an embarrassment for the LSE, the exchange said that no orders can be
| entered or executions of those trades occur. The LSE plans to bring back
| trading in a âcontrolled wayââ, but couldn't say how long that will take.


London Stock Exchange blames outage on Infolect

,----[ Quote
| The outage hit shortly before close of trading and forced the exchange
| to extend its closing auction by a hour and a half, from 4.30pm until
| 6pm. Even so it was reported that that some traders left for the day
| with trades unexecuted
| Infolect was launched two years ago in place of the exchangeâs London
| Market Information Link platform. It uses Microsoft .net technology and
| a SQL Server database

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