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Re: [News] KDE Worth as Much as Microsoft, Events & Kupfer Coming

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____/ bbgruff on Tuesday 13 Oct 2009 21:47 : \____

> DFS wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Another idiotic, lying subject line.
>>> Code Statistics: KDE Costs 175 Million Dollars
> http://www.linuxpromagazine.com/Online/News/Code-Statistics-KDE-Costs-175-Million-Dollars
>> The worth of KDE (or any software project) isn't based on how many lines
>> of
>> code, or how long it would take to redevelop it.  It's based on what the
>> open market would pay.
> Not quite correct, but to go on.....
>> OEMs gladly pay an estimated $30 to $150 per copy of Windows, and
>> consumers gladly pay $50 to $200 per copy of Windows, and have been doing
>> so for 18
>> years, and will continue to do so.  Applying simple NPV analysis to future
>> revenue streams, Windows is worth many TENS OF $BILLIONS.
>> KDE is open sourced under the GPL, and so can be downloaded and recompiled
>> and copied and distributed endlessly forever for very little effort, so
>> its value is effectively $ZERO.
> Now you've changed tack.  You are arguing Windows (an entire OS) against
> KDE.
> That's silly.
> We must (for the sake of rational argument) compare like-with-like.
> e.g. Windows v. a Linux OS using KDE.
> As you say, a Linux OS costs nothing.
> This does not make its worth zero, however.
> If it replaces Windows, its $ value is at least what Windows would have
> cost, which in your own argument is "TENS OF $BILLIONS", on the principle
> that it *saved* the expenditure on Windows!
> It's often said that "A dollar saved is a dollar earned".  In fact, I would
> argue that a dollar saved is worth *much* more than a dollar earned, in
> that the dollar saved accrued no tax, needed no transport, time, tools,
> clothes etc. - no expense.
> Similarly with software and countries.  Use of FOSS costs zero in terms of
> Balance of Payments, keeps decisions and expertise in-country, is good for
> the local economy, and gives one control over one's future.
> Hence, its value is many times the dollars saved by not spending those
> dollars with a foreign company, in this example on Windows.

Microsoft is a "foreign company"? I thought it was an alien company. Those
can't be the same species :-)

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