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[News] Music Subscription Services Fail, Taxation on Radio Attempted

  • Subject: [News] Music Subscription Services Fail, Taxation on Radio Attempted
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 00:15:51 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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MOG Over Promises And Under Delivers With New Music Service

,----[ Quote ]
| Hereâs the next contestant in the never 
| ending stream of music services, each of 
| which, inevitably, slide into financial 
| disaster at some point. Music service MOG 
| says theyâll launch MOG All Access by 
| Thanksgiving this year. Itâs an on demand 
| music streaming and Internet radio service 
| that will cost $5 per month. The four major 
| labels â Universal Music Group, Sony Music, 
| Warner Music Group and EMI Music are on 
| board, plus thousands of indie labels via 
| IODA and Beggars Group.
| Sounds great, except users can listen to 
| streaming on demand music for free today at 
| MySpace Music and Spotify, which is 
| preparing to launch in the U.S. Will MOGâs 
| user experience be so compelling that users 
| will pay $60/year for something they can 
| get free elsewhere?


And Here Come Another Round Of Yawn-Inducing Music Subscription Services

,----[ Quote ]
| So, here we go again. With plenty of people 
| waiting for Spotify to enter the US market, 
| the NY Times reports on two other new 
| entrants; one from Mog -- who seems to have 
| blasted press releases to everyone, with 
| the general reaction being a big yawn and 
| one from the founders of Kazaa and Skype, 
| called Rdio. Neither sounds particularly 
| compelling. 


Pandora Continues To Push Users To Vote For Shameful Radio Performance Tax

,----[ Quote ]
| Apparently, Pandora has once again ramped 
| up this effort to have the government tax 
| its competitors. A whole bunch of you have 
| been forwarding these ridiculous emails 
| from Pandora that urge people to contact 
| their elected officials in support of the 
| RIAA Bailout bill. Most of those submitting 
| those emails to us have said that you'll be 
| doing the exact opposite, and are offended 
| that Pandora is pushing you to support such 
| a thing. 

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