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Re: Firefox also can be vulnerable

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____/ Goblin on Thursday 15 Oct 2009 00:46 : \____

> Nigel Feltham wrote:
>> nessuno wrote:
>>> <Quote>
>>> when it is running the Windows Presentation Foundation plug-in, which
>>> gets installed via .Net Framework Service Pack 1.
>>> </Quote>
>> http://www.pcworld.com/article/173636/security_experts_pinpoint_biggest_threats_best_patches.html
>> How is it a firefox defect if MS modify copies already installed on PC's
>> with a service pack that gives it the same holes as their own browser?
> Hi!
> Because (as you will see if you do a google for "Microsoft blames") its
> never Microsoft's fault for anything.
> Everyone else is at fault.  Its never theirs.

They always find some semantic catches to distort the truth.
Like helicopters that stop by for "refuelling" while dropping
off people illegally for "rendition". They'll tell the public 
correctly that this cruise was just a case of "refuelling".

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