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[News] OpenClinica 3.0 in Review, Mark Spencer Interview (Asterisk Turns 10)

  • Subject: [News] OpenClinica 3.0 in Review, Mark Spencer Interview (Asterisk Turns 10)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 20:27:19 +0100
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OpenClinica 3.0 Streamlines Clinical Trials

,----[ Quote ]
| For a sense of how very many open source software 
| tools there are for medical professionals--ranging 
| from medical records keeping apps to medical image 
| viewing software--check out this collection of 100 
| of them. Open source software is also having an 
| impact on clinical trials, one of the most 
| important ways that emerging drugs and treatments 
| make it to patients who need them. Today, a free, 
| open source version 3.0 of OpenClinica, the most 
| popular open source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) 
| application for use in clinical trials came out.


Mark Spencer talks 10 years of Asterisk

,----[ Quote ]
| Having grown well beyond its humble beginnings 
| as a personal project, the Asterisk open source 
| PBX turns 10 this month and currently has more 
| than 400 contributors.
| Asterisk was first released in October 1999 and 
| now claims some two million downloads for this 
| year alone -- up from 1.5 million last year. 



Asterisk celebrates a decade of open source VoIP

,----[ Quote ]
| Asterisk is one of the most popular open
| source VoIP PBX applications out there and
| it is now celebrating its 10th
| anniversary.


AstriCon 2009: Asterisk, What's in a Name?

,----[ Quote ]
| Much of what goes into partner and user
| group events focuses on use cases and
| technology innovation, after all, that
| represents the market success and
| development of any product. The same trend
| will be true at AstriCon 2009, when
| Asterisk (News - Alert) users and
| developers from around the globe
| congregate in Glendale, Arizona to discuss
| how they are leveraging the Digium-driven
| Asterisk open source software and their
| latest innovations around Asterisk.


Astricon: Has Asterisk Gone Mainstream?

,----[ Quote ]
| When the Astricon conference kicks off Oct. 13 in
| Glendale, Ariz., The VAR Guy will be checking to see if
| Asterisk â the open source IP PBX â is ready for
| mainstream VARs and solutions providers. Actually, The VAR
| Guy thinks he already knows the answer to that question.
| Hereâs why.

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