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Re: Open Source Makes Big Gains at the London Stock Exchange

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____/ Richard Rasker on Friday 09 Oct 2009 09:07 : \____

> DFS wrote:
>> Richard Rasker wrote:
>>> Well, it appears that my previous assessment (that TradElect and thus
>>> .NET must /really/ suck, because no-one dumps a $65 milllion system
>>> if it performs even halfway adequately)
>> It performs more than adequately, as you know.
> For running a game of Solitaire perhaps. But not for something serious as a
> stock market. Nobody in their right mind dumps a 65 million dollar
> investment after only two years if it performs well.
>> They're still using it, nearly 2.5 years later,
> But they're very keen to have it replaced ASAP.
>> and it has never crashed.
> Ah, the ostrich defence: stick your head in the sand and claim that you
> didn't see a thing. Well, the truth of the matter is of course that it /did/
> crash, and caused almost a whole day's loss in trades, just over a year ago.
> Politics are the main reason that no finger pointing is taking place:
> admitting that TradElect was a costly mistake would be hugely embarrassing
> for everyone involved -- and costly mistakes are definitely /not/ what you
> want a trade house to make. So officially, the cause is said to be "a
> combination of software activities that coincided", without further
> explanation, and "the LSE's experience with .Net is very positive". I guess
> they really like to play Solitaire.
> And all the while, they're working on completely dumping it like a hot
> potato. Heck, they're even dumping the whole paradigm of having external
> vendors. This .Net fiasco must have really put them off. "Positive
> exerience" my ass.
>>> Can someone say "TCO"? :-)
>> Ask Munich, Germany what they think about Linux/OSS TCO.
> It seems to be going ahead, albeit rather slower than planned. Last I heard,
> they're now converting 200 desktops every month -- so it'll take a few more
> years to complete. Then again, these guys chose to roll their own
> distribution, instead of picking a suitable existing one, like the French
> Gendarmerie.

Or 52 million students in Brazil.

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