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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Stoops Down to Copying Bad Apple

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Microsoft Stoops Down to Copying Bad Apple
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 02:47:53 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Apple may not be Microsoft's biggest retail challenge

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's retail and hardware partnerships may 
| hinder its expansion into the retail space, as it 
| seeks to compete with Apple's brick-and-mortar 
| locations.


Microsoft Retail Fail? They Laughed At Apple, Too


Microsoft Seeks to Take a Bite Out of Apple With New Stores


Can Apple Spoil Microsoft's Day?



Apple's Time Capsule eats data

,----[ Quote ]
| APPLE'S BUILD QUALITY goes from strength to
| strength with users of its expensive Time
| Capsule product complaining that it bricks
| their hard-drives.
| The Apple Time Capsule Memorial Register, which
| went live over weekend, has already logged 294
| dead devices that have been killed by Apple's
| rogue Time Capsule.
| The site assures those who have lost a hard-
| drive to Apple's superior build quality that
| they are not alone.


Apple releases a non-patch to fix hard-drive errors

,----[ Quote ]
| In fact the problem is more like what other PC
| users call a crash and it is bloody annoying.
| Like most Apple confessions of poor quality,
| its statement says that the problem of
| philosophical Macbooks only affects a small
| number of users. In other words it's just those
| Mac computers that believe in "thinking
| differently", just like Steve Jobs has always
| told them to.


iPhone saves woman from bear

,----[ Quote ]
| Realising she wasnât carrying any anti-ursoid
| equipment, Rowley decided to throw her Apple
| handset at the bear in the hope of distracting
| it.
| The tactic worked and Rowley escaped.
| She later returned to the scene in hope of
| retrieving her precious smartphone, only to
| find that â unsurprisingly â the beast had
| chewed and mauled the device.


Major bug in Snow Leopard deletes all user data

,----[ Quote ]
| Reports have been cropping up on the Apple
| Support forums that users have been losing
| all their data due to a nasty bug in Snow
| Leopard, Apple's latest Operating System.
| Many users are reporting that all settings
| are being reset and most data is gone,
| according to iTWire.


Snow Leopard bug deletes all user data

,----[ Quote ]
| Snow Leopard users have reported that
| they've lost all their personal data when
| they've logged into a "Guest" account
| after upgrading from Leopard, according to
| messages on Apple's support forum.
| The bug, users said in a well-read thread
| on Apple's support forum, resets all
| settings on the Mac, resets all
| applications' settings and erases the
| contents of critical folders containing
| documents, photos and music.


Snow Leopard 'Guest Account' bug deleting user files, terrorizing children?

,----[ Quote ]
| Think your Snow Leopard woes are finally
| over? Don't go logging into that Guest
| account, then. A flurry of reports have
| surfaced around the web explaining that
| even an accidental login to one's Guest
| account within Snow Leopard could lead to
| mass deletion of all user files on the
| primary account, and when we say "mass
| deletion," we mean "mass deletion."

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