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Re: four million detections on 535,752 distinct machines

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____/ Rex Ballard on Monday 19 Oct 2009 21:41 : \____

> On Oct 19, 12:07 pm, nessuno <nessuno7...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> <Quote>
>> The detections are eight times the machine count because many
>> computers are infected with multiple threats.
>> </Quote>
>> http://blogs.technet.com/mmpc/archive/2009/10/15/microsoft-security-e...
> It could also be that there is an average of 8 actual machines for
> every "public" IP Address.
> At least in "windows world" where millions of PCs are connected via
> "dial-up", "cable-modems", and "cellular modems" connected directly to
> public IP addresses.
> Linux and Unix systems are more security oriented, and are more likely
> to be running behind a NAT router, and might even BE the NAT router
> for a number of other "hidden" PCs and workstations.

Statistically speaking, id Microsoft's sample is evenly distributed,
then the issue of routers hardly matters here.

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