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[News] Gates Keepers (Web Site) Exposes the Evil Deeds of the Gates 'Foundation'

  • Subject: [News] Gates Keepers (Web Site) Exposes the Evil Deeds of the Gates 'Foundation'
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 21:15:11 +0100
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Some recent posts (from October):

Chinese copy of the Gates Foundation 

,----[ Quote ]
| Monday the papers were all asplash with 
| announcements that there would be a Chinese 
| copy of the Gates Foundation. Now it appears 
| that the celebration might have been premature. 
| Perhaps New Huadu is a perfect imitator, as 
| Microsoft also engaged in illegal activities 
| before the Gates Foundation emerged.


Chinese innovation and the Gates Foundation

,----[ Quote ]
| If this is how the Gates Foundation tries to 
| support innovation in China it is not trying 
| very hard. China has lots of new tech talent 
| educated in the US. If the environment is right 
| in the next twenty years there will be lots of 
| innovation. But are small timebound grants the 
| way to support it?


Unions, Bill Gates pump last-minute cash against Wash. ballot issue slowing gov't growth

,----[ Quote ]
| National labor unions and Microsoft Corp. co-
| founder Bill Gates are among the donors who 
| have poured nearly $1.5 million of last-minute 
| cash into the campaign against Initiative 1033, 
| a ballot measure that would slow the growth of 
| state and local governments.


Gates Foundation program advisory panel member speaks out on war and security 


Is the Gates Foundation listening? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Gates Keepers thinks there will be no Gates 
| Foundation grants for Reganold or Herren 
| forthcoming.
| Isn't it governance that is lacking for the 
| Green Revolution in Africa? Does blaming people 
| who question genetically modified plants help? 
| Heim is asking the right questions of the right 
| people. Is the Foundation listening?


Press control:

Will Bill Gates Come to the Rescue of Journalists? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Online news site Crosscut's announcement 
| yesterday of a $100,000 grant from the Bill and 
| Melinda Gates Foundation surely raised some 
| hopes in the tumultuous world of journalism. Is 
| Bill Gates waking up to the havoc caused by the 
| digital technology he has unleashed? Will his 
| enormously deep-pocketed philanthropy come to 
| the rescue of a profession--and means of 
| informing that the public-- that threatens to 
| disappear? Can the New York Times expect a 
| bailout next?


More PR:

Vanessa Mazal talks about how the Gates Foundation is getting into the media 

,----[ Quote ]
| This is frightening. She tries to simplify 
| media development and media for development but 
| in the end it all sounds manipulative ... like 
| our strings are being pulled by the Gates 
| Foundation.


Further stating: "Development of the public good of 'media for development' specifically benefits Microsoft when their products are used. Paying media organisations to put 'health messages' that specifically showcase the work of the Gates Foundation into their 
communications is manipulative. We used to call this a conflict of interest."

Former Gates Foundation CEO's new employer gets a big grant from the Gates Foundation 


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Gives Major Gift to Smithsonian Museum

,----[ Quote ]
| The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has 
| contributed $10 million to the Smithsonianâs 
| National Museum of African American History and 
| Culture, expected to open in late 2015 on the 
| National Mall in Washington. The purpose of the 
| grant is to support the capital campaign of the 
| new museum, which is raising funds for the 
| design and construction of its building. 


Patti Stonesifer is at the Smithsonian.

Does the Gates Foundation support circumcision coercion? 


HE WILL FOLLOW HIM! Bob Herbert says we should follow Bill Gates. He doesnât say where Gates is going



Monsanto: Making Microsoft Look Good

,----[ Quote ]
| Do genetically-modified seeds bring
| increased productivity? There seem doubts;
| but even assuming it's true, Gates sets up a
| false dichotomy: one reason GMO seeds aren't
| sustainable is because they are patented.
| That is, farmers *must* buy them year after
| year, and can't produce their own seeds.
| It's a situation that's relatively easy to
| solve: make GMOs patent-free; do not place
| restrictions on their use; let farmers do
| what farmers have done for millennia.
| And look, there you have it, potentially: productivity and
| sustainability. But we won't get that, not because the idealistic
| environmentalist are blocking it, but because the seed industry
| wants farmers dependent on their technology, not liberated
| by it. It is sheer hypocrisy for a fan of patents to
| accuse environmentalists of being the obstacle to
| productivity and sustainability: that would be the
| industrial model of dependence, enforced by
| intellectual monopolies, and espoused by big
| companies like Monsanto, the Microsoft of
| plant software.


No Patents on Seeds...or We're Really Stuffed

,----[ Quote ]
| Good to see that I'm not a lone voice crying
| in the wilderness:
|     The continuing patenting of seeds,
|     conventional plant varieties and animal
|     species leads to far-reaching
|     expropriations of farmers and breeders:
|     farmers are deprived of their rights to
|     save their seeds, and breeders are under
|     strong limitations to use the patented
|     seeds freely for further breeding. The
|     patent holder controlls the sale of the
|     seeds and the planting, decides about
|     the use of herbicides and can even
|     collect royalties at the harvest â up to
|     the finished food product.
|     Our food security is increasingly
|     dependent on a few transnational
|     chemical and biotechnological companies.
|     The European Patent Office (EPO) has
|     continuasly broadened the scope of
|     patentability and undermined existing
|     restrictions, in the interest of
|     multinational companies.
| [..]
| This exactly parallels the situation with
| software patents, where the EPO is using
| every trick in the book to approve them;
| except it's even worse.



Dark cloud over good works of Gates Found


Gates Foundation Revokes Pledge to Review Portfolio

,----[ Quote ]
| ...the Gates Foundation took down their public statement on this
| and replaced it with a significantly altered version which seems to
| say that investing responsibly would just be too complex for them
| and that they need to focus on their core mission: 'There are
| dozens of factors that could be considered, almost all of which
| are outside the foundation's areas of expertise. The issues
| involved are quite complex...


Gates Foundationâs Influence Criticized

,----[ Quote ]
| The chief of malaria for the World Health Organization has complained that
| the growing dominance of malaria research by the Bill and Melinda Gates
| Foundation risks stifling a diversity of views among scientists and wiping
| out the world health agencyâs policy-making function.


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation- Truth Revealed


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation- Truth Revealed Part 2

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