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Re: Microsoft Profit Drops 18 Percent

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____/ Matt on Saturday 24 Oct 2009 00:02 : \____

> nessuno wrote:
>> <Quote>
>> The day after the release of its long-awaited Windows 7 operating
>> system, Microsoft on Friday reported an 18 percent drop in profits
>> from the same period last year, and a 14 percent drop in revenue.
>> Net income was $3.574 billion, down from $4.373 billion last year.
>> Revenue was 12.92 billion, a 14 percent decline....
>> Chris Liddell, Microsoft's senior vice president and chief financial
>> officer [said] the company is seeing "signs of stabilization at the
>> lower levels..."
>> Layoffs throughout the year resulted in a 10 percent decrease in
>> operating expenses. Since last year, Microsoft decreased its headcount
>> by 4 percent, the "first time a reduction of that significance has
>> been achieved in the company's history," Liddell said.
>> </Quote>
> After a while, we'll compare that to the year-on-year change in
> quarterly PC unit sales to find out how much less they are getting per
> copy compared to a year ago.

Reportedly $5 apiece on netbooks.

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