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[News] Audiobooks for GNU/Linux, New Audiocast froom FLOSS

  • Subject: [News] Audiobooks for GNU/Linux, New Audiocast froom FLOSS
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 23:45:15 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Linux Friendly Audiobooks

,----[ Quote ]
| When people first think of getting 
| audiobooks online, they probably think of 
| Audible.  But, Audible has one really big 
| problem: DRM (Digital Rights Management).  
| I.e. every book you buy from Audible is 
| encrypted so that you can only listen to it 
| using a very limited number of applications 
| and media devices.  There is no application 
| for Linux to play Audible audiobooks, and 
| Android devices donât support playing 
| Audible files (yet anyway) either.  Quite 
| frankly, when you purchase a book from 
| Audible, you are not buying it, you are only 
| renting it.  Even if you have a player that 
| is compatible now, in 5 years when you get 
| the urge to listen again, it is likely that 
| your new device or computer will no longer 
| be able decrypt the file.  If you are lucky, 
| Audible may pull an Apple and offer to 
| remove the DRM from the file for additional 
| cash out of your pocket; so you can finally 
| own the book you thought you already bought.  
| However, there is no guarantee of even thatâ


FLOSS Weekly 92: MakerBot

,----[ Quote ]
| MakerBot, an affordable open source 3d 
| printer for home users.



the_source Episode 10 "Ohio Linuxfest 2009" Released

,----[ Quote ]
| This episode includes interviews from Ohio
| Linuxfest 2009: 40 Years of Unix. Richard Weait
| talks about Ontario Linuxfest and Open Street
| Maps, Greg Boehnlein gives an overview of this
| year's conference, Shawn Powers from Linux
| Journal talks about the economy of linux, Dave
| Yates talks about South East Linuxfest and Doug
| McIlroy talks about the history of Unix.


Linux Outlaws 118 - Naughtify OSD

,----[ Quote ]
| We recorded this episode in one room together
| and are releasing to as soon as possible with
| minimal editing for a change. Since both of us
| are away for LugRadio Live and OggCamp at the
| moment, this was the only way to get the
| content out there without having a massive
| delay. Therefore, show notes will be added
| later, basically as soon as we get to it (most
| likely after the LRL/OggCamp weekend has
| wrapped up).

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