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[News] Linux Targeted by 100-Core Beast

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100-Core Processor on Tap

,----[ Quote ]
| But all those cores won't do much good 
| without applications to exercise them, 
| right? So Tilera also offers Multicore 
| Development Environment, a simplified multi-
| core Eclipse-based IDE that can target SMP 
| Linux 2.6, Zero Overhead Linux, Bare Metal 
| Environment and hybrid systems. The package 
| includes an ANSI C/C++ compiler, system 
| simulator, GNU command line tools and 
| graphical multi-core application debugging 
| and profiling.


New company promises 100 core CPUs by next year

,----[ Quote ]
| Perhaps a Linux distribution (Ubuntu?) will 
| at least get some code for the new CPUs.  If 
| the chips are as powerful as Tilera is 
| promising, they should be able to handle 
| anything Linux could throw at them.  They 
| would serve well for a server of some sort, 
| or an ultra-powerful Linux desktop as of 
| right now.  If nothing else, hopefully this 
| will push Intel into getting their 80-core 
| prototype CPU out as soon as possible.



Tilera pushes to 100 cores with mesh processor

,----[ Quote ]
| Upstart massively multicore chip designer
| Tilera has divulged the details on its
| upcoming third generation of Tile processors,
| which will sport from 16 to 100 cores on a
| single die.
| [...]
| There are a lot of differences between the
| Tile family of chips and these graphics
| processors, but the key one is that the Tile
| multicore processors run Linux directly
| (albeit a homegrown one) and are being
| designed not just for digital signal and
| networking processing, but to run that
| standard LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL,
| and PHP.


Linux-ready networking SoCs scale to 40 cores

,----[ Quote ]
| Netronome announced new multi-core "network flow processors" that are
| backward-compatible with Intel's IXP28xx, but claimed to offer over twice the
| MIPS. The Linux-compatible NFP-32xx system-on-chips scale from 16 to 40
| cores, offer 20Gbps throughput, and provide a programmable dataplane,
| virtualization, and security processing, says the company.

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