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[News] Real Victims of Vista 7 Speak Out

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Windows 7: The Readers Speak

,----[ Quote ]
| Don't go to their new stores expecting to talk 
| to anyone who know more about Windows than you 
| do. I had to be passed off to 4 different 
| employees, they called it escalating, before I 
| was able to talk to someone who could tell me 
| if Windows 7 still used a "registry", and it 
| does. The same old house of cards is still the 
| basis for the "new" OS.
| He says it took him more than an hour to 
| upgrade his 3-year-old ThinkPad, and now he's 
| decided to switch to a MacBook Pro. (Hey, 
| maybe Apple will feature him in a commercial.)



Why can't some people make Windows 7 work?

,----[ Quote ]
| I feel fairly confident that it will not
| turn hairy users bald, nor cause sane users
| to enter institutions of mental
| restructuring.
| However, I have been watching these two
| pieces of film from Japan with some small
| prick of concern.


Surprise! It's Already Started.

,----[ Quote ]
| College students, too, are experiencing
| problems when trying to install the new
| Windows 7. The problem stems from a
| Microsoft offer. For a limited time,
| students can purchase Windows 7 for only
| $29.00. However, it appears when students
| download and install the package, it's
| either corrupt of missing some key files.
| I spoke with my nephew Mike (he has a CSI
| degree and works in the IT field) about
| installing Windows 7. He was on his way to
| his local MicroCenter to buy a copy of
| Windows 7. (He has to keep up with anything
| and everything new in the computer industry.
| And yes, he runs Linux) When installing
| Windows, Linux, etc., Mike always backs up
| his files, wipes his hard drive, and then
| does a fresh install.


Windows 7 is 'Restrictive' for Netbooks, Claims Linux Rival


[Former Microsoft employee]: Linux is the future, even after Windows 7 release

,----[ Quote ]
| Many of the benefits of Linux are subtle. It doesn't come
| with any nagware. The default media player supports both many
| formats including QuickTime and Windows media. Likewise, the
| instant messaging program supports 16 different protocols.
| The GUI is more customizable. But the best feature of Linux
| is something that neither Windows nor the Macintosh have: a
| rich set of free applications, installable with one click...

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