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[News] Reviews of Ubuntu 9.10 and Other Good News

  • Subject: [News] Reviews of Ubuntu 9.10 and Other Good News
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2009 13:06:11 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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What's new in Ubuntu 9.10

,----[ Quote ]
| With the switch to Ext4, the Ubuntu 
| developers also updated the default boot 
| manager, which is now Grub2. The new boot 
| manager in Ubuntu 9.10 is visually the 
| same, but offers several extended 
| features: For instance, it can start the 
| Linux kernel not only from Ext4, but also 
| from LVM and RAID partitions. However, the 
| installation of the latter two is still 
| not supported in the graphic installation 
| wizard of the standard desktop CD, and has 
| to be done via the text-based installer on 
| the Alternate CD.


Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 Screen Shots


The new Ubuntu Software Center

,----[ Quote ]
| You may remember my mention of the Ubuntu 
| Software Center in my article âUbuntu 
| Karmic Koala previewâ. Well, Karmic Koala 
| is now officially Ubuntu 9.10 and is on 
| the streets. I have installed the release 
| and am as pleased as I expected I would 
| be. One aspect of 9.10 that I was most 
| interested in was the new Ubuntu Software 
| Center. I have always been a big fan of 
| apt-get and Synaptic, so I was curious as 
| to how Ubuntu could possibly improve on 
| either of these tools. I have used the 
| Software Center a few times already and I 
| can see why Ubuntu migrated to this new 
| system: Itâs very user friendly (more so 
| than the original Add/Remove Software 
| tool), itâs reliable, itâs easier to add 
| new repositories, and it has a much 
| cleaner interface.


The Laptop Renovation Project: Decisions, Conclusions and Lessons Learned

,----[ Quote ]
| At the end of the day, I had to make the 
| call among vanilla Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Linux 
| Mint and wattOS. I really, really liked 
| what the wattOS team was doing, but there 
| were some elements that werenât quite 
| ready for prime time. It really looks like 
| a solid project, but it was also obviously 
| still in beta (a status which hasnât 
| changed recently), so I (reluctantly) 
| crossed them off the list. I can deal with 
| lack of polish, but there were still some 
| bugs on the installation and 
| administrative sides (I canât remember 
| what they are offhand, but I remember they 
| were somewhat annoying.) Nevertheless, if 
| anyone is in a similar situation, do give 
| them a look. I think theyâre on to 
| something. My ultimate decision was for 
| Mint, on the strength of its organization 
| and the fact that it includes some really 
| nifty extra tools (MintUpdate and 
| MintBackup, for instance.) I also took the 
| plunge and replaced Slackware 12.2 with 
| Mint on my desktop computer. I donât 
| regard Mint as a âcompromiseâ in any way, 
| and fears that it might be a bit too 
| robust for the laptop have not come true, 
| so far.


Upgrading Ubuntu Linux made easy

,----[ Quote ]
| On Thursday 29 October 2009 Canonical 
| released Ubuntu "Karmic Koala" 9.10. For 
| existing users there are two main methods 
| of upgrading to this latest release.


Full Circle Magazine: Weâve hit thirty!

,----[ Quote ]
| Can you believe it? Weâve made it to 
| thirty.  Thatâs right; thirty issues of 
| FCM, and they wouldnât have happened 
| without you! Hereâs a giant thank you to 
| all the editors, translators, writers, 
| hosting donators, and everyone else thatâs 
| made FCM and Ubuntu possible.



Good Karma

,----[ Quote ]
| As I mentioned, new alliterating animals
| appear on a regular cycle â Lucid Lynx will
| be padding along in April next year. In a
| way, that's just another manifestation of
| open source's ârelease early, release oftenâ
| mantra â the idea being that faster
| iterations keep the code fresher, engage the
| community more and generally allows features
| to be added sooner.
| Contrast this with the approach the
| Microsoft follows. There, a new operating
| system appears once every few years â
| followed by an apparently interminable
| sequence of service packs and patches.
| The reason this is done is largely because
| of the need to create a ânewâ product, since
| Microsoft's model essentially consists of
| re-selling the same software to users again
| and again, but with each version looking
| sufficiently different that it can claim,
| with varying degrees of plausibility, that
| it's worth the extra money.


Ubuntu 9.10 Screen Shots


Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 Post Installation Guide


New Features of Ubuntu 9.10

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. Faster startup
| Canonical aims to deliver 10-second startups
| for the Ubuntu 10.04 release, which is due
| in 2010. In this version, they have already
| taken some important steps toward achieving
| this goal in which allows users to get to
| their desktop faster after booting. Tests
| also show that it can now boot in mere
| seconds on a good computer with a solid hard
| drive!


Ubuntu 9.10 final ships as IBM spins Ubuntu-based cloud distro

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical's Ubuntu project released the
| final Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Edition, featuring
| faster boot times, improved audio and 3G
| connectivity, an enhanced Netbook Remix, and
| more robust cloud support, among other
| features. The release follows IBM's
| announcement that it is launching an Ubuntu-
| based cloud computing distribution for
| businesses.


ZaReason Bolsters Ubuntu 9.10 Branding

,----[ Quote ]
| ZaReason is taking a small but significant
| step to help strengthen the Ubuntu brand. To
| help celebrate the Ubuntu 9.10 launch, the
| PC maker is offering âa stick of Ubuntu
| aluminum case badges with each computer
| orderedâ October 29 through November 5.


Ubuntu 9.10 brings karma to the market

,----[ Quote ]
| The consumer world is more interesting.
| Ubuntu gives retailers the chance to sell
| hardware with higher margins and more
| control. Logical economics suggests this
| would lead over time to a considerable
| presence. Instead, it is entirely absent.
| Whatever is keeping Ubuntu out of the retail
| channel is not technical, economic or
| practical, and not the result of an
| untrammelled free market.


My operating system of choice: Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The next time you see me on campus with my
| laptop, Iâd be more than happy to show you
| the eye-catching Desktop Cube I use to
| navigate my four separate desktops. My
| computer, like other Linux machines, does
| not crash nor does it suffer from malware
| such as trojans, viruses or worms due to how
| the kernel handles security. This is exactly
| the reason why most servers which power the
| Internet use Linux instead of Windows and,
| to a lesser extent, Mac.


Ubuntu Linux 9.10 'Karmic Koala' Starts Its Climb

,----[ Quote ]
| On the server side of Ubuntu, enabling the
| cloud is also a key goal, courtesy of the
| Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), another
| enhanced feature of the Karmic release. UEC
| made its initial Ubuntu debut in the Jaunty
| Jackalope release in April with full
| enterprise support services following
| several months later. In the Karmic release,
| UEC is being more tightly integrated into
| the server as well as being enabled with a
| UEC store for applications. The application
| store packages cloud-ready application for
| easy consumption and deployment by
| enterprise users -- similarly to models like
| Apple's App Store for the iPhone.


Ubuntu Linux Tips & Tricks: Karmic FAQ

,----[ Quote ]
| Following tradition, here's my Karmic FAQ...


Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) Desktop Edition Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall I really appreciate any steps that
| Linux takes towards being a more viable
| Windows / Mac alternative. And who am I to
| complain? I donât have to pay for Linux and
| have never really contributed to making it
| better. So overall I am happy with Ubuntu
| 9.10 and there are only a few things that I
| wish were better. The good news is that
| improvement of Linux on the Desktop is
| accelerating while desktop OS innovation
| seems to have stagnated due to the OS market
| being commoditized. As long as the
| applications that run on Linux continue to
| improve then the future of Desktop Linux
| seems bright.


Ubuntu 9.10 brings web sync, faster bootup, GNOME 2.28

,----[ Quote ]
| Other important upstream software shipped
| with Ubuntu 9.10 includes version 2.6.31 of
| the Linux kernel and Firefox 3.5, which adds
| new features like private browsing mode and
| support for the HTML 5 video element.


Distro Review: Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâm impressed with Karmic, itâs a very solid
| release with some nice improvements over
| Jaunty. The Software Centre is a great
| addition and I hope it will be pushed up
| stream to the likes of Debian. Canonical
| have been criticised in the past for not
| contributing enough back to the upstream
| projects they depend on, but I think thatâs
| a little harsh. Letâs see what they do with
| this and then judge.


OS war heats up as open source system released

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source system Ubuntu is primed for the
| release of its 9.10 system, Karmic Koala,
| just as Microsoft has released Windows 7.
| Ubuntu is made by Canonical, an offshoot of
| popular open source OS Linux.


Ubuntu Linux 9.10 'Karmic Koala' Starts Its Climb

,----[ Quote ]
| In February, Ubuntu Linux founder Mark
| Shuttleworth announced that Ubuntu 9.10
| would be codenamed the "Karmic Koala".
| Today, after months of development and buzz,
| the Karmic Koala is being officially
| released into the wild.
| The open source OS's developers are
| simultaneously releasing the server, desktop
| and netbook editions of Ubuntu 9.10 today,
| offering what Shuttleworth earlier this week
| referred to as a complete platform that he
| hopes will become the default alternative to
| Microsoft's Windows operating systems.


Ubuntu 9.10: Linux for business

,----[ Quote ]
| When you think "Ubuntu", you almost
| certainly think of it as a desktop
| distribution. Make no mistake, Ubuntu 9.10
| is a great desktop distribution â but that's
| not what Canonical, Ubuntu's parent company,
| is focusing on with this release and the
| next, long-term support version, which will
| follow this one. No, Canonical has its eyes
| on the prize, and that's the server market.
| The sad truth is that, except for Novell
| with SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop),
| the big-name Linux distributors tend to
| focus on servers. After all, as Red Hat has
| shown, that's where the real money is.


10 Useful Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

,----[ Quote ]
| Youâve installed Ubuntu 9.10, now what? Here
| are my top 10 tips for getting a fresh
| install feeling your ownâ


Preparing for Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)

,----[ Quote ]
| Last, if you are going to install Ubuntu on
| a netbook or some other system with a very
| small screen, when you boot the LiveCD
| choose the "try Ubuntu without changes"
| option, instead of going directly to the
| "Install Ubuntu" option. Once it is booted,
| set auto-hide on both the upper and lower
| panels, by right-clicking on each of them,
| choose Properties, and then click auto-hide
| and OK. Then start the installation from the
| desktop icon. You'll be happy to have the
| little bit of extra screen space this gains
| you for the installation window.


Ubuntu Koalic Kinkajou 9.10 (semi)Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Since these are upgrades, there is very
| little to no change in appearance, with the
| exception of the login screen.  Instead of
| the previous hideous brown, itâs now a
| hideous blue (and I like blue).


Usability and the Ubuntu desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu is filled with tiny usability
| improvements such as this that help make it
| as intuitive and powerful as possible.


Ubuntu Karmic Koala Preview â A Great Fusion with Gnome 2.28

,----[ Quote ]
| If youâve been following the Ubuntu release
| cycle you know that the .10 release is forth
| coming. Slated to hit the World Wide Web on
| October 29th, 2009, 9.10 promises to have
| quite a number of new features that should
| please even the most discerning of Linux
| users.


Hands On with Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)

,----[ Quote ]
| When I booted into my Ubuntu Linux 9.10
| desktop, I heard the Ubuntu theme play. So
| sound worked fine right from the start. No
| need to fiddle with any settings to get it
| working. Ditto with networking.


Ubuntu Ready for Another Crack at Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ubuntu founder says that the new Ubuntu
| 9.1 Netbook Remix will support 25 different
| netbooks out of the box and offers a
| simpler, more user friendly interface,
| quicker boot and log-in times, a better
| audio framework, improved 3G connectivity
| and the new Empathy instant messaging (IM)
| program integrated into the OS.


10 reasons Ubuntu 9.10 will be a game changer for business

,----[ Quote ]
| October 29, 2009. Mark your calendars,
| people, because that is the day the Linux
| landscape will shift, and the bar will be
| raised. Why do I say this? Ubuntu Karmic
| Koala is released that day and, even without
| reading between any lines, you can easily
| see where Canonical is taking its flagship
| operating system: Business and enterprise.


Ubuntu 9.10 for desktops heeds user complaints

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical Ltd. has shown users some love
| with Ubuntu desktop release 9.10; the new
| version will be officially available on
| Thursday with more than 50 fixes that users
| have requested.


Running Ubuntu 9.10 With Older PC Hardware

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu 9.10 offers a number of new features
| to Linux desktop and server users along with
| other core improvements to this incredibly
| popular Linux distribution. In a number of
| our tests today with an older ThinkPad
| notebook, Ubuntu 9.10 also provided the best
| performance when compared to earlier Ubuntu
| releases from the past 18 months. However,
| in six of the eighteen tests that were run,
| there were notable performance regressions
| involving Ubuntu 9.10. Many performance
| improvements can be attributed to the switch
| from the EXT3 to EXT4 file-system by
| default, but in the tests that did not
| benefit from this newer file-system, it
| ended up degrading the performance. The
| ioquake3 performance with the open-source
| ATI R300 driver is another troubling area
| with Ubuntu 9.10. Fortunately though when
| using newer hardware we have not encountered
| as many performance drops, and even still,
| most users will find Ubuntu 9.10 worth the
| upgrade.


Ubuntu 9.10: confidence riding high at Canonical

,----[ Quote ]
| Recent moves by Shuttleworth to market
| Ubuntu through IBM are again an indication
| of his cleverness at trying to embed Ubuntu
| in the desktop space. His competitors under-
| estimate him at their peril.
| He must be more than encouraged by
| Microsoft's growing, often clumsy, attempts
| to gain traction in the open source space.
| The latest indication of Microsoft's
| realisation that lock-in may just do more
| harm than good to itself is the announcement
| that it will be releasing documentation on
| Outlook Personal Folders.
| This must be music to Shuttleworth's ears.
| Five years ago, one could not imagine an
| 800-pound gorilla practising  anything but
| total lock-in.


Whatâs New In Ubuntu 9.10 âKarmic Koalaâ

,----[ Quote ]
| I have to say that this has been a very
| solid release so far. With so many
| improvements both under the hood and on the
| user interface, youâll be hard pressed to
| find someone that doesnât find something new
| and exciting about Ubuntu 9.10. The best
| part though? All of these improvements are
| merely leading up to the powerhouse that
| will be Ubuntu 10.04, the next Ubuntu Long
| Term Support (LTS) release. With goals of 10
| second boot times, improvements in the new
| Ubuntu Software Center, improved Artwork, as
| well as a long list of other improvements,
| Ubuntu 10.04 is sure to blow you away!


Get A Free Ubuntu 9.10 CD Through The Post

,----[ Quote ]
| If the details of Ubuntu 9.10 have you
| salivating to give it a whirl but you donât
| fancy chewing up your download limit, donât
| forget that Ubuntu does offer an option to
| get a CD shipped for free.


Q & A: Defragmenting a Linux System

,----[ Quote ]
| Q. I recently bought a netbook with Ubuntu
| as its operating system and would like to
| know if there is any simple way to
| defragment the drive. The help manual for
| the system only talks about a complete
| start-over with reinstalling the OS, rather
| than defragmenting it.
| A. Ubuntu Linux uses a different file system
| â or method of storing and organizing data â
| than other operating systems do. Most Ubuntu
| systems use the ext3 file system, which does
| not need regular defragmentation like a
| Windows system does.


Karmic Koala: The best Ubuntu Linux ever?

,----[ Quote ]
| Another real nice addition to this
| distribution for new users is the Ubuntu
| Software Center. This take on an apps store,
| makes it mindlessly easy for people to find
| and install software. Experienced Linux users
| won't need this. For them, the Synaptic
| package manager and all the other usual
| package installation programs are there, and
| that's great. But, if you have a friend who's
| just getting their feet wet in Linux, this
| feature is great.

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