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[News] Backlash Against Mandy/Hollywood Law Continues

  • Subject: [News] Backlash Against Mandy/Hollywood Law Continues
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2009 13:45:10 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Denying physics wonât save the video stars

,----[ Quote ]
| Peter Mandelsonâs proposal to disconnect 
| the families of internet users who have 
| been accused of file sharing will do great 
| violence to British justice without 
| delivering any reduction in copyright 
| infringement. 


Investor Bill Could Crack Down On ISPs

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the bill text, "any Internet 
| service provider that, on or through a 
| system or network controlled or operated 
| by the Internet service provider, 
| transmits, routes, provides connections 
| for, or stores any material containing any 
| misrepresentation... shall be liable for 
| any damages caused thereby, including 
| damages suffered" by the Securities 
| Investor Protection Corporation, an entity 
| that protects investors from financial 
| harm if a broker-dealer company fails.


Will Three Strikes Ever Really Get Implemented In The UK?

,----[ Quote ]
| On top of that, the idea is already 
| incredibly unpopular with the majority of 
| people in the UK... and (most importantly) 
| there's an election coming up soon in the 
| UK. Backing a massively disliked proposal 
| to kick people off the internet based on 
| accusations using weak evidence... 
| probably isn't a savvy political move at 
| this moment. Given all of that, I'm 
| wondering if the plan ever really moves 
| forward in the UK, or if it just makes a 
| lot of noise so that Mandelson and his 
| colleagues can tell the entertainment 
| industry how they tried, to make sure the 
| political donations keep coming in.


Anti-File Sharing Lobbyists/Lawyers Shove Each Other Aside To Blame
P2P Rather Than Dumb Guy For Congressional Leak

,----[ Quote ]
| So, of course, as the news broke that 
| there was a leak of a Congressional ethics 
| investigation, because a staffer put the 
| document on his or her home machine that 
| had file sharing software on it, the usual 
| crowd of folks wasted no time at all in 
| highlighting the use of P2P software and 
| presenting file sharing as if it (rather 
| than dumb employees and bad government 
| security) was a huge national security 
| threat and (of course) to urge Congresss 
| to pass laws against file sharing 
| programs. The one thing in common? All of 
| those calls come from people who get 
| paychecks from the entertainment industry. 



TalkTalk threatens legal action over Mandelson's filesharing plan

,----[ Quote ]
| TalkTalk, the second largest internet
| service provider in the UK, has threatened
| to launch legal action if business secretary
| Peter Mandelson follows through with his
| plan to cut off persistent illegal
| filesharers' internet connections.


ISP's attack government anti-filesharing tactics

,----[ Quote ]
| THE UK'S TOP Internet service providers have
| opposed Business Secretary Lord Peter
| Mandelson's daft plan to cut off persistent
| illegal filesharers' Internet connections.
| Talktalk has even said that it feels the
| scheme infringes upon people's rights and it
| will be happy to go to court to have it
| struck down.


Mandelson and âThree Strikesâ: Not So Much âDark Lordâ...

,----[ Quote ]
| Unjust, because it allows the media
| industries to function as prosecutor, judge
| and jury, with only minimal oversight by
| proper legal authorities; unjust because it
| cuts people off from what is fast becoming a
| necessity of modern life, as the UK
| government itself is promoting; unjust
| because it penalises an entire family for
| the alleged actions of one member: something
| that in war would amount to a
| disproportionate and vindictive act of
| reprisal - a war-crime, in fact.
| It is unworkable because it will be almost
| impossible to tell whether copyrighted
| material is being transmitted legally or
| not; and ultimately it is unworkable because
| people will simply start encrypting material
| before downloading.


Mandy confirms he'll cut off filesharers

,----[ Quote ]
| Labour's plan is that the music industry
| will monitor what people are downloading,
| and on their say-so (not in any court of
| law), internet subscribers will receive two
| warning letters and then have their internet
| access cut off. The music industry will not
| have to prove that the subscribers have
| being doing anything wrong; instead
| Mandelson's plan is that they will act as
| judge, jury and executioner. And it's not
| just the subscriber who will be cut off,
| their whole household will be too; this
| collective punishment, if done in wartime,
| would be a war crime under the Geneva
| Convention.


We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to abolish the proposed law that 
will see alleged illegal filesharers disconnected from their broadband connections, 
without a fair trial.


Parliamentary Comms Group Says âNoâ to UK 3-Strikes

,----[ Quote ]
| An increasing death-knell is sounding for Lord
| Mandelsonâs proposals for 3-strikes Internet
| disconnections. The latest blow comes from the All Party
| Parliamentary Communications Group. After a consultation
| earlier this year, they have now published their
| response, and itâs not one favorable to âDarth Mandyâ
| and his plans.


U.K. Minister Defends Internet Suspension In MPAA Speech

,----[ Quote ]
| Meanwhile, a joint statement from the Featured Artists Coalition, the British
| Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA) and the Music Producers
| Guild also condemns the plan.


Lammy appeals to film and music industries to help tackle online piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| Lammy cites apparent inconsistencies in copyright law, citing the example of
| a CD owner who wants a copy on his MP3 player. "Is he breaking the rules or
| just refusing to be ripped off?"
| "Something isn't right with copyright. Not just in the UK but as a whole. And
| I want to do something about that," he says.


An open letter to Lord Mandelson

,----[ Quote ]
| Your proposal is wrong for purely economic reasons. It is wrong because it
| will stifle a major opportunity for economic growth right at the point where
| we need it most. And it is wrong because as a government your role is not to
| legislate to protect business models but to regulate in a way that balances
| the risks of damage in one sector against the potential for encouraging new
| sectors to develop.


Creative industries and consumersâ rights

,----[ Quote ]
| We hope that the Government will consider genuinely consumersâ rights in its
| endeavours to protect the creative industries.


Good Thoughts on Naughty Lord Mandelson


The Right to Science and Culture


Peter Mandelson Defends His Sudden Conversion To Kicking People Off The

,----[ Quote ]
| You do realize that a UK-based music organization (PRS) recently released a
| report noting that the music industry in the UK is actually growing? Right?
| These are the sort of facts the Secretary of Business knows, right? And if
| the industry is growing, despite complaining about file sharing, isn't it
| possible that the real issue is just focusing on business model improvement,
| rather than the hand of gov't stepping in and slapping people around?


BSA Jumps Onto The Three Strikes Bandwagon

,----[ Quote ]
| More troubling, however, is that when questioned about the new statement by
| Ars Technica, the BSA said it was necessary because "last year our industry
| lost over $50 billion (USD) worldwide." Hmm. It's really quite troubling that
| the BSA still stands by these numbers when they've been debunked so
| thoroughly over and over again. They count the "retail value" of every piece
| of software as being "lost," which is clearly a lie. Five years ago, the
| research company that runs these studies for the BSA, IDG, flat out said that
| the BSA was wrong in claiming that "the retail value" of the software is the
| same as "losses." So why does the BSA continue to get away with claiming it?


UK "Three Strikes": Please Write to Your MP

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday I wrote a quick analysis of the insane U-turn effected by the UK
| government over "three strikes and you're out". Below I've posted the
| corresponding letter that I've sent to my MP on the subject.


Fon and Games with "Three Strikes"

,----[ Quote ]
| Suppose, now, that people use some of those million hotspots to download
| copyright material: how easy is it going to be (a) establishing exactly who
| downloaded it and (b) cutting off that person?
| Gives a new meaning to the term "hotspot"...


Lord Mandelson pays off his Â750,000 mortgage within a year

,----[ Quote ]
| The mystery of how Lord Mandelson managed to afford a Â2.4 million town house
| in Regent's Park took a new twist this week with his claim in a newspaper
| interview that he did not possess a mortgage on the property.


38 Degrees backs campaign against âDigital Dictatorâ Mandelson

,----[ Quote ]
| Online campaigners 38 Degrees have launched an attack on Mandelsonâs plans to
| give himself the power to order internet cut-offs without trial. Other
| campaigners from a range of NGOs are getting in touch with us about this:
| there is a growing sense of outrage among people who know that the internet
| is the most important political tool we have.


Taking something for nothing is wrong . . .

,----[ Quote ]
| [by] Peter Mandelson


UK Wants to Zap File-Sharers

,----[ Quote ]
| It seems the British government is going loony for anti-piracy rhetoric from
| the likes of U2 and David Geffen.


Mandelson goes to war on teenagers downloading their music and movies... just
days after dining with anti-piracy billionaire

,----[ Quote ]
| Lord Mandelson launched a crackdown on internet piracy just days after
| meeting a leading Hollywood critic of illegal file sharing.
| The business secretary plans to criminalise the estimated seven million
| people - one in 12 of the population - who illicitly download music and films
| over the internet.


âTaking something for nothing is wrongâ â No, not expenses, data.

,----[ Quote ]
| In the meantime I am going to increase my sharing of Linux distros and hope
| that someone tries to accuse me of sharing files illegallyâ..lets see how
| much of my unlimited monthly broadband I can use.  Maybe time is up for the
| proprietary model?  Maybe you should now be looking towards FOSS and the GPL?
| You certainly donât have to worry about sharing issues then.

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