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[News] Firefox 3.6 Already in Beta

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Firefox 3.6 beta promises speed injection

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla pushed out a first beta version of 
| Firefox 3.6 on Friday, ahead of a planned 
| release by the end of the year.
| The delayed release promises improved 
| JavaScript performance and faster load-up, 
| addressing a sluggish start problem that 
| has become an issue with recent builds of 
| the open source browser. Firefox 3.6 will 
| also be easier to customise as well as 
| introducing the ability to natively display 
| video in a full screen display.


Mozilla releases Firefox 3.6 Beta 1

,----[ Quote ]
| Following several delays, Mozilla has 
| officially announced the availability of 
| the first beta for version 3.6 of its open 
| source Firefox web browser, code-named 
| Namoroka. The development release is based 
| on version 1.9.2 of the Gecko web rendering 
| engine and includes a number of updates.


Mozilla unveils first Firefox 3.6 beta

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla late on Friday released the first 
| beta of Firefox 3.6, a minor upgrade slated 
| to wrap up later this year.


Opera Skin For Firefox

,----[ Quote ]
| Version 3.6 of the Firefox web browser 
| introduces several new design options for 
| theme creators that are not available in 
| previous versions of the Internet browser 
| including the latest official release 
| version Firefox 3.5.4. One of the first 
| themes to make use of this new features is 
| the Operetta theme which is available as an 
| experimental theme from the official 
| Mozilla Firefox website.


What does your browser say about you? (2009 edition)

,----[ Quote ]
| Long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far 
| away I posted the infamous article titled 
| âWhat does your browser say about you?â. It 
| got like 400 comments, got me on Digg, 
| Reddit and crashed my server at least 
| twice. Every once in a while I still get 
| comments on it but these days they are 
| mostly among the lines of:
| âDude, Firefox 2.0 is ancient! What about 
| Chrome and IE8?â


Web Open Font Format backed by Mozilla, type foundries

,----[ Quote ]
| Type designers and Web designers have 
| reached a consensus on a format 
| specification for embedding fonts on the 
| Web. Mozilla is already including support 
| for the font format in Firefox 3.6, and 
| wide adoption could come sooner than many 
| expected.



Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 review

,----[ Quote ]
| Native videos now have a full screen
| option: right click on a video and select
| Full screen. On related news, a new full
| screen button is now available to add to
| the toolbars.


Mozilla's messaging story gains credibility

,----[ Quote ]
| Corporate America hasn't done much with
| Mozilla's Thunderbird, a competitor to
| Microsoft Outlook. Europe, however, has
| given it a warm reception. For example,
| the French tax authority recently selected
| Thunderbird to power 130,000 of its
| personal computers, replacing IBM Lotus
| Notes and Microsoft Outlook.


Firefox 3.6 Learns WOFF

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla has made itself into the draft horse
| for a new font format for the Web that some of
| its developers and independent font designers
| are currently hatching. Firefox 3.6 should be
| the first to support the new Web Open Font
| Format (WOFF).


Firefox 3.6 Will Only Like Java 6 Update 10+


Mozilla pushes for fast move to Firefox 3.6

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla hopes to classify the upcoming Firefox
| 3.6 as a minor update, a move that may sound
| inconsequential but that in fact might have
| significant repercussions with Firefox users
| and the speed the open-source browser is
| developed.

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