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[News] Artists Defend New Business Model for Arts

  • Subject: [News] Artists Defend New Business Model for Arts
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2009 09:31:02 +0000
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In Defense Of 1,000 True Fans - Part II - Matthew Ebel

,----[ Quote ]
| What I find most striking about this 
| interview is the fact that Matthew makes 
| 26.3% of his net income from just 40 hard- 
| core fans.
| Imagine what it will be like for him when 
| he gets to 1,000?  The other thing that 
| really stood out for me is the fact that an 
| artist like Matthew (who is totally 
| comfortable with Social Media and extremely 
| Internet savvy) has very little idea what 
| to do with analytics that he is gathering 
| via Google Analytics, CrazyEgg.com, and 
| Compete.com, as well as email stats via 
| Blue Sky Factory.


Ignoring P2Pers costs music biz dear - survey

,----[ Quote ]
| A think tank survey into UK music fans 
| suggests that timid major record companies, 
| obsessed with "cannibalisation" and 
| "substitution", have spent a decade barking 
| up the wrong tree.
| The Demos report, sponsored by Virgin 
| Media, suggests file sharers aren't the 
| wreckers of civilization they're painted to 
| be - but failing to convert them into 
| paying punters has cost the industry dear.


P2P software throttles itself

,----[ Quote ]
| P2P SOFTWARE OUTFIT Bit Torrent is about to 
| be upgraded so that it can deal with 
| attempts by ISPs to throttle traffic by 
| throttling itself.


Swedish judge to Pirate Bay admins: shut down or face fines

,----[ Quote ]
| The founders of The Pirate Bay could face 
| fines in Sweden if the popular torrent 
| tracker remains online. A court has banned 
| them from continuing to operate the site at 
| the risk of hefty daily fines. The admins, 
| however, are no longer in Sweden and claim 
| that they are not involved with the website 
| anymore.



Musician Making A Living With Forty Committed True Fans

,----[ Quote ]
| Ariel Hyatt has been blogging about the
| concept of 1,000 True Fans and has an
| interview with musician Matthew Ebel, an
| up-and-coming musician who makes a living
| from his music, and breaks down the
| details -- including pointing out that he
| makes 26.3% of his net income from just 40
| hard-core fans.

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