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[News] News About KDE Applications and a Conference

  • Subject: [News] News About KDE Applications and a Conference
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2009 01:08:53 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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KRunner from the top?

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday I was hit by the idea of putting 
| KRunner at the top of the screen and making 
| it 'slide in' when called up. The "floating 
| dialog" just wasn't doing it for me anymore 
| and so I went ahead and implemented this to 
| see what it would feel like. After working 
| out various kinks, I have to say that I 
| really like it. So I decided to do a quick 
| screencast showing KRunner in action at the 
| top of the screen for you to watch and 
| then, hopefully, offer some feedback on it. 
| It's even better if you can try it out 
| yourself by building from SVN trunk, of 
| course, but I know not everyone can or will 
| do that. If the reactions are generally 
| positive, this will be the default for 4.4.


Moving to digiKam

,----[ Quote ]
| For ages, Iâve been using Google Picasa to 
| manage and tweak photos I took with my 
| point-and-shoot cameras. Its editing tools 
| are pretty limited, and the Linux version 
| is just a not-so-pretty port that runs in 
| Wine. When I moved to a DSLR camera these 
| and other limitations became even more 
| apparent. So when Google released Picasa 
| 3.5 for Windows, leaving Linux users behind 
| with the older 3.0 release, I decided that 
| it was time to move on. After testing 
| different photo editing and management 
| applications for Linux, I settled for 
| digiKam.


Amarok joins the Software Freedom Conservancy

,----[ Quote ]
| The Amarok project has joined the Software 
| Freedom Conservancy. This move allows 
| donors to give tax-deductible donations, 
| and it increases the transparency in the 
| spending of Amarok's funds. This greatly 
| helps us to be more efficient, and focus on 
| what we really do best: Creating kick-ass 
| software. At the same time, we stay fully 
| committed to the KDE project! Amarok is, 
| and will always stay, a fully committed 
| project under the KDE umbrella. We have 
| coordinated this move with the KDE e.V. 
| board, who approves of our endeavors.


NLUUG Conference on Open Web

,----[ Quote ]
| On October 29th the NLUUG held their second 
| conference this year (the first, held in 
| the spring, focused on file systems). With 
| over 200 visitors and talks by 19 speakers, 
| all prominent in their respective fields, 
| this conference was of particularly high 
| quality. This is surely emphasized by the 
| location and surroundings and the excellent 
| organization. Read on for a short 
| impression on the conference, which was 
| attended by several KDE community members.
| [...]
| After the last talk there was time to put 
| some of the above recommendations into 
| practice and have a few beers together. 
| There was also handing out of prizes and 
| some fun. At the end, attendees agreed the 
| topics were interesting and, as cloud 
| computing is an area where the FOSS world 
| lags behind a bit, the discussions about 
| ownership of data, privacy and security 
| will hopefully result in more awareness on 
| the issues with the current 'Walled 
| Gardens'.



KDE 4.3.2 now official in Slackware

,----[ Quote ]
| Some time back we had reported a way to have
| KDE 4.3 on Slackware Current using vbatt's
| packages, since KDE 4.3 was still not
| official on Slackware. Now, you no longer
| have to depend on third-party packages for
| KDE 4.3.2 on Slcakware. It has become
| official.

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