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[News] Interview with Free Software-based Qi, IBM VP on Free Software

  • Subject: [News] Interview with Free Software-based Qi, IBM VP on Free Software
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2009 01:39:57 +0000
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Interview: Qi Hardware

,----[ Quote ]
| OB: Was Qi Hardware conceptualised from the 
| beginning as an Open Source project, and 
| could you describe what openness means 
| specifically in the case of hardware?
| SM: Yes Qi Hardware was conceptualized from 
| the start as an Open Source project. The 
| founders of Qi have spent the last 2 years 
| working together at Openmoko on the open 
| phone project so the benefits and 
| challenges of open source are well know to 
| us. On the hardware side we are going to 
| create a new kind of hardware, CopyLeft 
| hardware. Today you can join as a Qi 
| developer and get access to the hardware 
| design files as well as participate in 
| creating the roadmap.


Bob Sutor On Advice For Open Source Startups

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM's Bob Sutor has a good post up 
| discussing advice for those who want to 
| start an open source business. There are 
| more and more open source startups 
| arriving, but Sutor says "Iâve been very 
| surprised as Iâve looked around the web 
| that there donât seem to be very many good 
| guides about the nuts and bolts of starting 
| an open source business." He lists seven 
| pieces of advice for those who have an open 
| source business in the works, and here are 
| some of our posts that can help you follow 
| the advice.



The Role of Free Software in Education, by Walter Bender

,----[ Quote ]
| On 19 September, we celebrate Software Freedom Day. At
| tomorrow's Boston gathering, I will have an opportunity
| to thank the Free Software Foundation on behalf of Sugar
| Labs for their support. I will also have a chance to
| tell the story of Sugar, our efforts to help children
| learn to learn and learn to love and exercise their
| freedom. I will also solicit your help.

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