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[News] YouTube Streams Ogg to Firefox, Sort of

  • Subject: [News] YouTube Streams Ogg to Firefox, Sort of
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2009 08:22:44 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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bringing theora to youtube (the hard way)

,----[ Quote ]
| I wrote a greasemonkey script called 
| Theoratube that connects to the Firefogg 
| extension. Itâs based very heavily on the 
| really great Youtube without Flash Auto user 
| script that lets you embed videos as a plug-
| in. But in my case I decided to use native 
| Theora and HTML5 video because itâs more 
| reliable, has controls and doesnât require any 
| additional software to start working.
| How does it work?  It pulls down the video, 
| uses Firefogg to transcode it, and then stuffs 
| it back into the browser via a private URL.  
| Itâs slow because it has to pull + encode the 
| entire video, but it works surprisingly well 
| for something that is as hacky as it is.



[theora] libtheora 1.1 (Thusnelda) stable release

,----[ Quote ]
| We are pleased to announce a new stable release of
| libtheora, the Xiph.org Foundation's reference
| implementation of the royalty-free Theora video format.
| This new release, version 1.1, codenamed Thusnelda,
| incorporates all of the recent encoder improvements we
| have been making over the past year, though some of the
| code had its genesis all the way back in 2003. It also
| brings substantial speed and robustness improvements to
| the 1.0 decoder.


New encoder library for Ogg Theora open source video codec

,----[ Quote ]
| The Xiph.org Foundation's open source developers have
| released version 1.1 ("Thusnelda") of their reference
| implementation of the libtheora encoder library.
| Thusnelda is said to offer considerable quality and
| performance improvements over version 1.0.


Whatâs the Problem with Theora?

,----[ Quote ]
| Based on what we actually know, Theora looks good.  It complies with the W3C
| patent policy and goals, and there havenât been any patent claims that would
| indicate otherwise.


Wikipedia push for Ogg Theora

,----[ Quote ]
| Wikipediaâs decision to support Ogg Theora for video uploads may be the last
| chance to break the proprietary video monopoly embodied in H.264.
| Microsoft, Google and Apple have all built H.264 support into their products
| because it readily adapts to Digital Rights Management, without which studios
| and other video rights owners have been unwilling to make content available
| online.


another top 20 website supports Theora

,----[ Quote ]
| Earlier this week, Automattic, the company
| behind wordpress.com and WordPress (the
| software this weblog runs on) announced that
| they would be supporting Theora along with
| MPEG-4 as part of their VideoPress platform.

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