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[News] GNU/Linux Torrents Used to Defend File Sharing in General

  • Subject: [News] GNU/Linux Torrents Used to Defend File Sharing in General
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 05 Nov 2009 00:19:15 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Linux torrents get a mention in landmark court case

,----[ Quote ]
| Downloading GNU Linux software was cited as one of the legal uses of
| BitTorrent during the landmark court case between internet service 
| provider, iiNet, and the Australian Federation Against Copyright
| Theft (AFACT). 


The Software Cooperative

,----[ Quote ]
| I had the very good pleasure today of meeting 
| with Joe Golden of the old Green Mountain Linux 
| company up in Vermont. He expressed to me a 
| strong desire to help people get in touch with 
| Free and Open Source ideals and importantly get 
| people to recognise the community efforts that 
| go into making all this great software.



The War on Sharing: Why the FSF Cares About RIAA Lawsuits

,----[ Quote ]
| In one of RIAAâs high profile cases the Free Software Foundation backed
| defendant Joel Tenenbaum, much to the dislike of the music industry lobby.
| John Sullivan, Operations Manager at the FSF explains in a guest post why
| they think these cases impact not just music, but also free software and its
| technology.


France Strikes Out: Approves Cutting People Off The Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| Still, the thing that is most amusing about this is how supporters of such
| three strikes rules somehow seem to think that this will suddenly make people
| buy again. There's no evidence that this is true, whatsoever. But the main
| backer of this bill in France claims that this is:
|     "an important step toward preserving cultural diversity and the
|     industries threatened by piracy."
| How? By kicking fans of the work offline? The most telling part of this
| statement is that it's about preserving the industries "threatened" by
| piracy, not the actual creators of content.


France says 'Oui!' to three strikes for music pirates

,----[ Quote ]
| This Gallic experiment is sure to attract global attention, as governments
| and media moguls in the UK, the US, and elsewhere hve been wrangling about a
| three-strikes policy for some time.

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