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[News] New Book Shows How Hollywood MAFIAA Changes the Law

  • Subject: [News] New Book Shows How Hollywood MAFIAA Changes the Law
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 05 Nov 2009 08:07:41 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Big Content: Using "moral panics" to change copyright law

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the top copyright lawyers in the US 
| takes Big Content to the woodshed in his new 
| book, saying that "the Copyright Wars are a 
| fight against our own children and it is a 
| fight that says everything about the adults 
| and very little about the children."


Dear Hulu: Stop Treating Me Like A Criminal

,----[ Quote ]
| The problem the industry is facing isn't due 
| to some guy in Europe catching The Colbert 
| Report from across the sea. It comes from 
| turning off legitimate customers and users 
| who are sick of being treated like crap.


Millions of File-Sharers Hide Their Identities Online

,----[ Quote ]
| Millions of file-sharers have responded to 
| the entertainment industry lobby by taking 
| measures to hide their identities. A recent 
| survey found that in Sweden alone, half a 
| million Internet subscribers use anonymizing 
| services. The findings further suggest that 
| tougher anti-piracy legislation will boost 
| these numbers significantly.


Joss Stone Reveals Why Lily Allen Hates Piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| Lily Allen, blah blah, piracy, downloading, 
| Itâs Not Alright, etc etc. Cutting through 
| all the nonsense, comes a beautiful ray of 
| light. Joss Stone says Lily hates piracy 
| because she canât sing.
| âYeah, I love it. I think itâs brilliant and | Iâll tell you why,â Joss Stone said last 
| year, referring to music piracy.
| âMusic should be shared. The only part about 
| music that I dislike is the business that is 
| attached to it. Now, if music is free, then 
| there is no business, there is just music. 
| So, I like it, I think that we should 
| share.â
| âI donât care how you hear it as long as you 
| hear it,â she added. âAs long as you come to 
| my show, and have a great time listening to 
| the live show itâs totally cool. I donât 
| mind. Iâm happy that they hear it.â


Leslie Stahl Needs To Get a Clue About P2P

,----[ Quote ]
| Leslie Stahl had a piece Sunday night on 60 
| minutes on the supposed impact of piracy on 
| the movie industry. (You can watch it here.) 
| Her piece was so slanted toward the Motion 
| Picture Association of America, it was 
| almost laughable (if it weren't so 
| maddening).



60 Minutes Puts Forth Laughable, Factually Incorrect MPAA Propaganda On Movie Piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| CBS's 60 Minutes has made itself out to be
| more of a laughingstock than usual when it
| comes to "investigative reporting," putting
| on an episode about "video piracy" that is
| basically 100% MPAA propaganda, without any
| fact checking or any attempt to challenge
| the (all MPAA connected) speakers, or to
| include anyone (anyone!) who would present
| a counterpoint. The episode is funny in
| that it contradicts itself at times (with
| no one noticing it) and gets important (and
| easily checked) facts wrong. And, of
| course, it basically mimics that old
| episode that history has shown to have been
| totally (laughably) false.

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