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[News] KDE4 - Happiness, More News

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KDE makes me happy

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâll be honest, Iâm surprising myself by 
| not returning to Openbox. Iâm still running 
| Chakra with KDE, and I still love it. It 
| needs a couple extra seconds to boot, but 
| afterwards it feels just as fast as 
| Openbox. More specific, applications feel 
| as fast in KDE as they do in Openbox. Of 
| course, Dolphin is slower than Thunar, Kate 
| slower than Leafpad, etc, but Emesene, 
| Firefox, Transmission, and all the other 
| applications I normally use feel just as 
| fast.


Akonadi sprint 2009/10

,----[ Quote ]
| Ever since I began to work on KDE PIM 
| (porting Akregator to Akonadi) as a  Google 
| SoC student Iâve wanted to start blogging 
| about it but unfortunately never had the 
| time for it. Now thanks to swine flu I 
| caught recently I can get some rest and 
| look back at the past few years.


Gwenview Importer

,----[ Quote ]
| I have been quite quiet on Gwenview front 
| lately, getting a job which does not 
| involve two hours in a train everyday and 
| becoming a father for the second time 
| apparently does not help to find free time 
| to hack (how surprising!)


Kubuntu Notification Helper

,----[ Quote ]
| This is one of the first developing fruits 
| that developed under the guidance of the 
| Project Timelord roadmap. But before I talk 
| about Kubuntu Notification Helper, I should 
| give a little history about its 
| predecessor, Update Notifier KDE.



Good karma

,----[ Quote ]
| So in a slightly reckless move I decided to
| update the machine to the next Kubuntu:
| karmic koala. This meant going to KDE 4.3.
| To my relief the install went very well.
| All important settings for digikam and
| kmail were migrated automatically. Dolphin
| is really nice and more intuitive for non-
| professional users. The kwin effects add a
| nice touch of class (translucent wobbly
| windows). Plasmoids on the desktop (photo
| frames and weather forcast) were very well
| received.
| In short: good karma! Thank you very much,
| Kubuntu team.

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