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[News] The Pirate Bay Wins in Court, Sort of

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IFPI Loses: Telenor Will Not Block The Pirate Bay

,----[ Quote ]
| The court ruled that Telenor is not 
| contributing to any infringements of 
| copyright law when its subscribers use The 
| Pirate Bay, and therefore there is no legal 
| basis for forcing the ISP to block access 
| to the site.... In making its decision, the 
| court also had to examine the repercussions 
| if it ruled that Telenor and other ISPs had 
| to block access to certain websites. This, 
| it said, is usually the responsibility of 
| the authorities and handing this task to 
| private companies would be "unnatural."


Who Really Has the Moral High Ground on Filesharing?

,----[ Quote ]
| The 21st century has transformed the 
| content that comprises our shared culture 
| from a scarce good to an infinite good. 
| When we were constrained to physical media, 
| a situation was created where only one 
| person could have a given item at a time. 
| Today, thanks to digitization, anybody can 
| make an exact, lossless duplication of 
| their content, effectively increasing the 
| total âunitsâ available. In a situation 
| rather similar to Jesus pulling bread and 
| fish out of a basket, no matter how many 
| times something digital is copied there is 
| always one left.


DRM breaker turns himself into cops

,----[ Quote ]
| Rather, he was owning up to having broken 
| DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) 
| consumer control technology, which is 
| against the law, there, says BusinessDK, 
| noting the ministry of culture had intended 
| to update local laws regarding  âcopy 
| protectionâ to enable people to make copies 
| for personal use.



Blu-ray on the PC: DRM failure

,----[ Quote ]
| I recently bought a Blu-ray DVD player for my home
| PC.  I didnât really need a Blu-ray player as the PS3
| does the job admirably, but I was looking for a fast
| CD ripper and decided to go for the Blu-ray disc
| option as it was cheap and fast.  I installed the
| drive last night, and since I have been frustrated by
| the unfriendliness of the technological
| implementation.


Cable Lobbyists Side With MPAA On Getting Permission To Break Your

,----[ Quote ]
| The MPAA and cable companies could offer up movies whenever they
| want. They just don't want people to record them, because they
| want to introduce yet another annoying window. So, they declare
| that they need to break your TV and DVR from recording.


Music industry cooks UK government's piracy stats

,----[ Quote ]
| The government's dizzying statistic that over seven million Brits are
| involved in online piracy comes from dubious research commissioned by the
| music industry itself.

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