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[News] WTO May be Assigned Something Useful Like Free Speech

  • Subject: [News] WTO May be Assigned Something Useful Like Free Speech
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 00:01:37 +0000
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WTO could be used to abolish censorship say researchers

,----[ Quote ]
| The World Trade Organisation has raised the 
| delicious possibility of using its 
| regulations to smite companies that censor 
| their citizens' access to the internet - 
| before admitting that this approach is 
| unlikely to get very far.
| A paper produced by the European Centre for 
| International Political Economy observes that 
| the internet and e-commerce has largely grown 
| up outside the regulatory framework painfully 
| built up to police international trade via 
| the WTO.


Reporters face violence as Iraq cracks down on media dissent

,----[ Quote ]
| Iraqis are fearing a renewed crackdown on 
| dissent as a crucial national poll draws 
| near, with several journalists claiming to 
| have been beaten by security forces and 
| ministers issuing warnings about media 
| coverage.


Corporate law firm targets whistle-blowers and anonymous commenters

,----[ Quote ]
| A British corporate law firm has created a 
| new unit that will help easily offended 
| corporate giants track down and sue anonymous 
| Internet forum posters.



Free speech battle pits mom vs. Web

,----[ Quote ]
| During a rough-and-tumble election last spring,
| someone anonymously posted "deeply disturbing"
| online comments about the teenage son of Buffalo
| Grove Village Trustee Lisa Stone. Now, she is
| waging a legal battle to learn the identity of
| that person -- known to her as "Hipcheck16."


Clash of schools, blogs raises free-speech issues

,----[ Quote ]
| A college student and a high school teacher may
| have pushed the limits of cyber-commentary by
| lashing out at their schools via the Internet.
| Butler University is suing Jess Zimmerman,
| alleging libel and defamation. Beth Guthrie's Web
| criticisms have caused such an uproar that
| Lawrence Township Schools Superintendent Concetta
| Raimondi has posted a response on the district's
| Web site.
| [...]
| Butler English Professor Bill Watts agrees and
| came to the defense of the blog in a letter
| published by the Butler Collegian student
| newspaper.
| "They are statements of opinion," Watts wrote.
| "They may be wrong-headed or intemperate or just
| plain mean . . . but I would be astonished if
| they were judged libelous in a court of law."


CMLP and Cyberlaw Clinic Endorse Anti-SLAPP Protection for Staff of Media and Advocacy Organizations

,----[ Quote ]
| The Massachusetts anti-SLAPP statute protects a
| party from strategic lawsuits against public
| participation (SLAPPs) by allowing that party to
| have a case dismissed at an early stage in the
| litigation and to recoup attorneysâ fees if the
| lawsuit is based on his or her "exercise of [the]
| right of petition under the constitution of the
| United States or of the commonwealth." Although
| the statute covers a wide scope of petitioning
| activities and parties, the Massachusetts
| Superior Court denied Hollanderâs motion, ruling
| that she was outside of the scope of the statute
| because she was a paid employee of the Regional
| Review.


Police ready to 'take on' commenters, chief says

,----[ Quote ]
| People who misrepresent themselves as officials in online
| comments could face civil, criminal penalties, Acevedo
| says.



Yahoo settles lawsuit with jailed Chinese journalists

,----[ Quote ]
| Smith sponsored the Global Online Freedom Act of 2007, which would prohibit
| U.S. Internet companies from cooperating with repressive regimes on censoring
| the Internet and using Internet user account data to track down and punish
| pro-democracy activists.


Yahoo Settles With Imprisoned Chinese Journalists

,----[ Quote ]
| Terms of the deal are secret, but Yahoo has reached settlements with two
| Chinese journalists who were arrested based on information the company
| provided to the ruling Communist government.

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