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[News] Desktop GNU/Linux as a Stress Reducer

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Linux Helps Me Live a Stress-Free Life

,----[ Quote ]
| Thankfully there is an operating system 
| that gives me the security and ease-of-use 
| that I need. My laptop currently runs 
| Ubuntu 9.10, a wildly popular Linux 
| distribution. Iâve been using Linux (Red 
| Hat, Mandriva, OpenSuse, PCLinuxOS and 
| other distros) since 2004 and I can say 
| that this free operating system helps me 
| enjoy a stress-free life. And itâs 
| because:
| 1. Linux makes me forget about viruses.
| 2. Linux allows me to update my system and 
| all my applications with a single click.
| 3. Linux allows me to give copies of the 
| OS for free
| [...]


The Linux-OEM complaint- Learn from Ubuntu.

,----[ Quote ]
| Using Ubuntu as the case study, we now 
| have big shot OEMs like Dell and IBM 
| beginning to ship units with Ubuntu Linux 
| preinstalled. What is very clear from this 
| development is that they are not shipping 
| Ubuntu boxes because they believe in the 
| Ubuntu philosophies or that because they 
| think it is cool. They are shipping Ubuntu 
| because there is now a nascent market for 
| Ubuntu and hence some profit to be made.



GNU/Linux: Virtualbox for solving a common small business problem.

,----[ Quote ]
| We have all heard the GNU/Linux naysayers
| posit that, âNo one will use Linux until
| (insert application name here) runs
| natively on Linux.â Other than the fact
| that this is almost pure hyperbole there is
| some kernel of truth there. This article
| demonstrates one solution.

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